Experts Guide on Recruitment Management System (RMS)



  1. What is recruitment management system?
  2. Implementation of RMS.
  3. Features of online job recruitment system.
  4. Model of recruitment management system.
  5. Automated Processes in RMS.
  6. Functions of RMS.
  7. RMS Methodology.
  8. Benefits of RMS.
  9. Successful Case studies.
  10. Statistics on RMS.
  11. Different types of RMS software.
  12. Disadvantages of RMS.
  13. Summary

1. What is the recruitment management system?

A  recruitment management system is also known as an applicant tracking system is an online software which has various processes that have been designed in a way so that recruitment can be managed from a centralised point. RMS facilitates all processes of recruitment starting from job posting to onboarding of the candidate.
Recruitment Management System

2. Why to implement recruitment management system?

It is becoming difficult for the companies to hire highly qualified staff to carry on the process of recruitment in the most effective and competent way. Also, crucial timings to carry out strategic work in human resource is wasted in searching resume of the potential employee for the company. Therefore, most of the companies are willing to pay for recruitment management software in order to get a winning edge over its competitors. Secondly, It helps to quickly find the right employee for any vacancy. Thirdly, having the recruitment management system helps the manager to track the work carried out by the recruiter and other employees of the talent acquisition team, even if they are working at far locations. This software is also used for Recruitment tracking.  Having a recruitment management system in place helps the head HR and CEO with an opportunity to : 

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3. What are the features one should look for in an “Online job recruitment system”?

The most important features of an applicant tracking system are as follows:
1. It must have a user-friendly interface and the recruitment solutions provided by it should be created so that even for the first time user, it has a smooth experience.
2. It must have the facility to screen and search resumes basis various parameters based on qualification details, experience, skills etc.
3. Must be able to accept tailored hiring strategies for the recruitment process
4. The “recruitment process software “ must have the facility to screen through the resumes which are different in format.
5. It should be able to check if there is any duplication and must be able to identify thefts if any.
6. Any communication should float from the central point to the different users, the strategy should be such. 
7. It must have information about all job vacancies so that there is a match of candidates skills with the relevant career option.
8. A recruitment process software should have the facility to make a portfolio of individual candidates and also uploading of resumes.
9. Excellent screening of resumes to fetch out the best report containing relevant candidate information.
10. The important information should be shared collectively for the internal staff to make better analysis and strategy.
11. Must have a robust query management system to give prompt reply to the query raised by any candidate.
12. Should have the option of bulk upload an employee referral.
13. Must be able to effectively broadcast the job opening.
14. Internal hiring team should be able to get a different kind of reports in different formats for better decision making.
15. This “Online application recruitment system” must have integration with other software for good optimization.
16. It should have visual representation strategy.
17. It must also have better security recruiting solution. 
18. Having an application tracking system as it is the most time saver function. The recruitment stage of each candidate is known by the HR team.
19. Interview scheduling is an important aspect. The application tracking system easily synchronises with the calendar of  HR team and avoid duplicity of time schedule if any.
20. Social media plays an important role in the HR recruitment process. Companies can use social media as a platform to advertise and to carry out initial screening of candidates with the basic information available on social media.
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4. What all processes need to be automated in recruitment Management system?

The Hiring management system  need to have some processes automated to make it a smooth journey for the recruiter and other employees of the talent acquisition team. What all processes can be automated are explained as follows: 

1. Maintenance of dataFor any given opening in a company, the recruitment team receives a lot of resumes and these resumes make a database for them for the future. The recruitment management software segregates resumes according to skills, experience, qualification etc. thus makes it easier for the recruiter to get the summary by mentioning the segregation parameters. 

2. Recruitment: This is another area wherein automation could be of utmost help, as for any opening a recruiter receives the bulk of resumes and it is not possible humanly to go through all resumes and remember all their content. Online recruitment system, makes the process easier by scanning resumes segregating them basis different parameters and picks out the best ones.

3. Interviewing: The recruitment management system helps in the interview part also. According to a survey, the entire process of recruitment starting from the posting of job until acceptance of offer letter takes around 1.5 months, with RMS integration with email, calendar and employees schedule helps the recruiter to crosscheck which time period is available  with the members of the interview panel and accordingly interview can be fixed for a candidate. This time slot problem maximum happens with the senior management but with  recruitment tracking software  this problem is eased out to a large extent.
4. Onboarding:The online recruitment system automates all processes of recruitment including the documentation and onboarding part. The digital signature can be done the by the candidate on relevant documents.

5.  Functions of Recruitment Management Software

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6. Recruitment Management System Methodology:

The recruitment management system manages the entire lifecycle of recruitment: 
1. To know about the vacancy details:  The recruitment management system helps from the beginning of the recruitment process. The  HR software can be customized as per the need of the customer.  From recording need of a particular resource, all approvals which are required for filling the vacancy created for that resource, up to making the vacancy live. It generally works on the email notification and permission that is role based to make sure that the vacancy can be approved and made live. It can get to know the expenditure occurred by a company in their recruitment process. With the help of this online job management system,  one can get to know the expense that has occurred in the recruitment and it helps in better decision making.
2. Applicant appeal: The applicant appeal can be created by making the job posting available on website, intranet and job portals etc. First of all, the necessary information which an applicant wants to know must be available on websites. By using RMS one can develop a client-friendly career site which will take the user directly to the main website thus giving the best experience to the candidate applying for the vacancy. When it comes of employee referral such software can be of immense help as it makes the information available on the intranet as well as the company's own website. Those companies which are also dependent on the recruitment agency for their hiring process can also know about the working and performance of recruitment agency. A  company has to make a preferred list of the recruitment consultants. The "Online job management software “  will send the invite to only those consultants and they will, in turn, send candidate forward.
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3. Selection of the candidate:  The recruitment management software will help to make an efficient system for the selection of candidates. The selection criterion can be fully customized as per the need of the company. It uses the killer questions to stop inappropriate candidate applying in the first place. Online testing, verbal reasoning, and numerical tests help you out to screen out candidates who do not meet the required standard.  
4. Joining Process:   To get employees joining process is a very important process. One company can use hiring management system to smoothen the joining process of the candidate. The software helps to start this procedure before the applicant actually joins in. The HR portal must have the facility to fill the post-hire forms etc online and integration of HR portal with recruitment management system allow the data to flow so does not require data entry or re-entry and potential errors.
5. Management Information:  The management information helps to take the best possible decision based on reports captured with the identification of problems and to measure the progress, such reports starting from simpler ones to complicated ones can be fetched from the system. Reports on the same data in different formats can also be received. Report comparison at the different stage of the recruitment process is done to know the area of improvement, strength etc. Pivot, excel reports can also be received through such software.