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Statistics to Understand Recruitment Management System Better


It’s no more a question now whether your organisation has a recruitment management software or not, the question which is relevant is How it is deployed?  Things have changed a lot in the recent years. There are some updated numbers which focus on the technology side of human resource.

1. According to Capterra, 75% of hiring and talent managers use either applicant tracking system for Candidate tracking system or use recruitment management software to improve upon their hiring process

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                      Capterra Survey

2. According to job vite, 59%  of job seekers use social media to research a company's culture before applying.

                 Jobvite Survey

3. 47% of companies have HR software that is more than 7 years old. ( Source is Bersin by Deloitte)
4. Companies with HR software see cost savings of 22% per employee. ( Source is Bersin by Deloitte)
5. 48% of HR want to replace their current HR software with a cloud-based system by 2018( Source: Information services group). 
6. Demand for recruitment management system is increasing at a very fast rate.
According to a website, HCM global market is expected to grow to $ 22.51 by 2022, comparing to $ 14.50 billion by 2017.
This data clearly shows that time and techniques have undergone a sea change in the last decade and most of the companies want to automate HR process to save on time and energy.

       Revenue - hrhelpboard


Brief  Explanation of different  software’s which are used by different companies:
a) Talent pro: Automated cloud-based recruitment platform and is driven by artificial intelligence.
b) Zoho recruit: One of the best  RMS  software used across the globe.
c) Fresh Team:  It includes all the services like the interview, resume search etc. 
d) Hr Mantra: It automates the hiring process and consistently carried out different modules.
e) Interview Mocha: Mocha provides user access to over 1000 updated quality skill test in 50+ domains like job-based aptitude, IT, Sales, Finance etc.
f) People apex: It can automate the HR Operations and payroll department.
g) Alchemus Supports online interview and job postings.
h) Greenhouse: It is designed to sort out the hiring process and gives scalable data to make a smart hiring decision. 
i) PC-recruiter: Used for the central database, communication, and recruiting tool.
j) Blueshift recruitment management systemProvide facility for social recruiting like facebook, LinkedIn etc. Online interviewing, online resume sharing and candidate scoring.

Summery on Recruitment management System Software 

The online job management software is getting popular with the changing time. It is in demand and companies cannot do without it. It's been implemented in companies to make recruitment an easy process. Recruitment management software helps the company to hire efficient, capable and diverse employees. It is not only a cost-effective but also appealing software. It removes the irrelevant and time-consuming steps from the entire process of recruitment and fastens up the hiring process. 

Hiring online has lots of positive outcome as a whole. With higher motivation, there is job satisfaction. Among employees, it is congruent in a way which results in an organisation having an effective and efficient workforce.