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How to Write a 2 Week Notice

How to Write a 2 Week Notice & What Does it Means

In a professional world, "Two weeks notice is a most commonly used term which means giving an advance notice to employer by an employee before resigning from his/her job. It is a standard practice used by the working professional to show their professionalism in the workplace.

When an employee decide to leave his /her present job, he/she has to serve notice period to his /her present employer, giving two weeks’ notice is the part of the same exercise. During this notice period an employee continues working as usual and fulfills their responsibilities and ensures smooth transition for both an employee and an employer. The main aim of a two week notice letter is to give an employer sufficient time to recruit new employee for the vacant job role.

Therefore, it is very important to know how to write two week notice letter and after giving a Two-week notice, an employee can leave the organization in a professional and graceful way. The employee can leave on good terms and maintain positive relation with his employer and this will help to get positive reference for his future ventures.

Step wise Learning &How to write a Two-Week Notice Letter

Follow the following steps to write a two week notice:

  1. Format and Heading

Start with a header at the top of the letter. The header should include name, address, phone number, email id and date.

  1. Resignation Letter

The resignation letter should be addressed to the immediate supervisor or manager or the HR manager. An employee should state that he/she will resign in two weeks and also mention his last working day.

  1. Express Gratitude

In the next paragraph the candidate should express gratitude and thank the employer for the opportunity and experience gained at the company.

  1. Closing Paragraph/End the Letter

The letter should be ended with a note of appreciation and wishing success for the company. The letter should be closed with a formal and professional closing such as “sincerely” and “best regards” and the candidate should write his or her full name.

Why to write 2 week notice

Writing a two-week notice is absolutely important and conditional too.  The notice period is one of the most important employment terms always highlighted in the appointment letter. The 2 week notice is a part of formal resignation process and is also a part of fulfilling employment terms and condition.

Giving two week notice letter is basically to inform employer to look for the replacement and appoint somebody to takeover all the responsibility and also to clear all pending tasks and to handover all the responsibility to the newly assigned worker and at the same time to clear and settle accounts of the outgoing employee and ensure smooth transition within the organization.

How to Write a Two-Week Notice Letter

Writing a two-week notice letter is a formal way to communicate that the candidate is resigning from his current job role or position. This letter is addressed to the supervisor or the HR manager stating that the candidate has decided to leave the company and is writing 2 two-week notice letter before leaving the organization. In this letter the candidates expresses his reason for leaving and also tender his/her gratitude for the opportunities and experience he/she got in this company during their tenure of stay.

It is mandatory and important to know that how to write 2 week notice because a well written two-week notice letter adheres to professional etiquette and reflects professionalism and commitment also the candidate can depart gracefully and in good terms.

2 Weeks Notice Letter Template

Enclosed find the two week notice template with all necessary information required to include while resigning. These can be customized as per information and circumstances.

Sample for 2 week notice letter

This Sample template of 2 week notice letter is for example and also for quick learning about how to write Two-week notice letter to your employer


Employee Name

Employee Address

City & State

Phone number



Manager name

Company name

Company address

City, state

Zip code

Subject: Resignation with 2 week notice

Dear Sir/Madam,

Please accept my resignation from my job role (designation) at company name (Company name). I am grateful and thankful for the opportunities given to me to enhance my skills leading to company growth. My last day of working would be (mention date), which is of about a 2 week notice period as per my employment contract.

The decision to resign was not easy for me but I took this hard decision for my career growth. I learnt a lot in this organization and am grateful to all my seniors and colleagues for their support and giving me an opportunity to work in this organization.

I would like to be relieved from the services of the organization by (mention date). Please clear my dues and accounts with full and final settlement. Also let me know if any help is required during the transition period. I will be happy to assist as per the need.

Thanks to all once again for believing in me and giving me an opportunity to learn and grow.

Thanking you,


Employee Name & Designation

Employee Code (if Any)


Sample for 2 Week Notice Email Template

A 2 week notice email is sent if a person is unable to resign in person by phone or video conferencing. Clear subject line should be mentioned in the mail. The message should be brief and in a positive tone. Below is the template to write a 2 week notice email. This Sample template is just of example for writing 2 week notice email and also for teach  about how to write Two-week notice letter to your employer

Email Subject: Resignation Email with 2 week notice

Dear Sir

I hope this email finds you well.

I am submitting my resignation from the post of (post name) at company name (name of the company). My last working day would be (Date should be 2 weeks onwards)

I am grateful for the opportunities I got during the tenure of my services. It’s been a pleasure for me to work in this company and contribute towards the company’s goals.

Please let me know how I can help in smooth transition during two weeks.

Thanks and Regards,

Yours Sincerely


Name of the Employee with Code (if any)

(Post / Designation)