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on 28 Jun, 2023

10 Best Job Sites in India for Job Search & Job Post

In today's competitive job market, finding the right job can be a daunting task. It's crucial to have access to reliable and efficient job sites that can connect job seekers with potential employers. In this thriving job market and jobsites have become an essential resource for both job seekers and employers to connect and fulfill their respective needs.

In this article, we will explore some of the best job sites in India that offer comprehensive platforms for job search and job posting. These sites not only provide a vast database of job openings but also offer features and tools to streamline the job search process and facilitate efficient recruitment for employers. Whether you are a job seeker looking for the next career move or an employer seeking talented professionals, these job sites can serve as your go-to platforms for a seamless job search or recruitment experience.

From multinational corporations to startups, these job sites cater to various industries, job levels, and locations across India. They offer a range of features such as advanced search filters, resume writing services & tools, personalized job alerts, and easy application processes, making the job search process more targeted and efficient. For employers, these sites provide access to a large pool of qualified candidates, along with options to advertise job openings and manage the recruitment process effectively.

List of top Best Jobsites in India 2023

In India there are many job sites catering to the needs of job seekers and employers. It is difficult to determine the best job sites in India as there are many factors such as job listings, user experience, features and industry reputation

In the following sections, we will delve into the specific features and benefits offered by some of the top job sites in India, helping both job seekers and employers make informed decisions and maximize their chances of success in the job market. Lets go one by one to explore top 10 best jobsites in India:

Naukri is one of India's oldest and most popular job sites in India. This job websites in India was founded in 1997. Naukri helps millions of people finding jobs revolutionizing the job market. Besides listing jobs and making them easy to find this job sites in India provides job seekers with the latest trends, career guidance and list of the top companies that are hiring employees. Naukri does have recruitment management system and ATS software which help employer and recruiter to automate their hiring process.

This top job sites in India offers a wide range of features, including job search, resume writing and job alerts, which caters to diverse industries. The secret to Naukri success is its capacity to connect job seekers and employers, facilitating effective hiring procedures.


Foundit was earlier known as Monster India, which is one of the best job sites in India. It was founded on 2001. Foundit has been crucial in connecting job seekers with employers and facilitating successful career opportunities. This platform provides a vast range of products and services to meet the needs of both job seekers and employers. Job seekers can post resume and look for positions in a variety of fields. After registration on this job site in India, candidates can apply for jobs directly.

Foundit offers a comprehensive platform, which makes use of matching algorithms, transparency and application processes. With this platform job seekers can discover opportunities and employers can find the right candidates easily. Thus foundit has revolutionized the job search experience.   

Shine was founded in 2008 owned by HT media Limited. Shine is one of the best job sites in India, launched in order to provide a platform to connect job seekers with relevant job opportunities in order to provide career related resources. Shine has developed over time into one of the top job sites in India serving many job categories and sectors.

Shine has gained popularity among job seekers due to its layout, interface and comprehensive career resources. This job sites in India is very popular among job seekers and employers. Shine also provides premium services that include resume and cover letter writing services.


Indeed is a leading job websites in India, was founded in November 2004. It has revolutionized the way people look for and discover various job opportunities. Indeed have many job listings with user-friendly interface and thus it has become a favorite platform for job search among both job seekers and employers.

Indeed provides a job search on its homepage with two fields asking what are you looking for and where. It also lists popular searches below the main search fields. Indeed provides a huge database of job postings across different industries and locations. In order to help candidates in their job hunt, the website also offers useful tools and resources such as job alerts, interview advice and resume writing tips.


LinkedIn is a largest professional networking site established in 2002. Millions of professionals join LinkedIn every day and thus it is great source of job opportunity for both job seekers and employers. Users can search for jobs based on criteria such as location, industry, company size, job title and can go through with entire job specification and more.

Recruiters can approach professionals who are looking for a job change through LinkedIn as it offers functionalities to streamline the job search process. The job seekers can directly message recruiters and hiring managers for suitable openings and apply accordingly. LinkedIn provides a comprehensive platform for job seekers to discover and explore for various job opportunities in their respective fields.


Timesjobs was established on 2004 and is one of the best job websites in India along with naukri and foundit. It is owned and operated by The Times Group. It is one of the trusted and reliable job sites in India for finding employment across various industries.

Timesjobs has user-friendly interface and job seekers can browse through a variety of job vacancies posted by the recruiters or employers. The user can filter job listings based on location, industry; experience level, salary range etc., and thus job seekers can find jobs as per their requirements and qualifications. Thus, Timesjobs is a platform for job seekers to find employment opportunities in India.

Careerbuilder India

Careerbuilder India is a best job sites in India, which connects the employers and job seekers. It has a large database of job listings and thus provides a comprehensive job platform for individuals to explore and find suitable career opportunities across various industries and job roles.

Careerbuilder India has user-friendly interface enabling job seekers to quickly search job listings and browse the website. The job seekers can filter job listings based on location, industry, and experience level and salary range. This saves the time of the job seekers they can quickly find job openings matching their qualification and experience.

Careerbuilder India is a reliable resource for both job seekers and employers in India. This platform plays an important role in facilitating the job search process and supporting career growth of job seekers in India.


Glassdoor started as job site in India where current and former employees of a company can review their ex company and share salary expectations. It gave prospective candidates insights into how a company is work wise and salary wise.

Job seekers can search in glassdoor about company they are interested in and gain knowledge about potential employers. Employees can also write reviews about their present company and help other job seekers navigating their career journey.

Michael Page India

Michael Page India is a best job sites in India, which focuses on matching skilled people with employment opportunities in India. Michael Page India has vast network, industry expertise and user-friendly interface. This offers a platform for individuals seeking career change across various industries.

This job website in India has a huge database of job openings from diverse industries such as finance, marketing, sales, IT and many more. Job seekers can easily search for jobs based on their location, industry, job title and experience.


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There are many options catering to diverse needs of the job seekers across the country. The job search process has been revolutionized by these platforms making it convenient, efficient and accessible thus saving time and effort. These job sites in India are very helpful in connecting job seekers with employers. These top job sites in India also offers career guidance, resume building tips and interview preparation apart from providing job listings.


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