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Steve Valentor
on 09 Sep, 2022

List of Online Assessment Tools That Provide Free Trial

Online assessment tools allow you to determine candidates’ strengths and weaknesses. With the evaluation, you can quickly address their knowledge and weak points. Finding the right talent can be tricky. In such a competitive job market, hiring teams find their inboxes flooded with emails, and taking out time to filter all those can be a cumbersome task. But somehow things need to be done in the right way. Employers use online assessment tools to measure the abilities and skills of candidates during the hiring process to determine if the candidates are a good match for the position. These tools assess the technical skill, soft skills, personality, and other traits required to perform the tasks successfully. Even if you have showcased both your hard and soft skills in your resume you may still have to give the test. Knowing about this test can help you prepare and clear them. That’s why in this article we are not only going to explain which skills are typically tested at the hiring stage but we’ll also introduce you to some of the online assessment tools that provide a free trial. 

What is an Online Assessment Test?

An online assessment software or tools conduct a test that is used to evaluate the skills and abilities of candidates. The tests are designed in such a way that they help in determining the necessary skills required to perform various tasks in a job. In some companies, employees are asked to give the test for promotion. Online assessment test happens during the hiring process where questions are designed as per the responsibilities performed in the job. The main purpose of using these tests is to shortlist the best candidate for the interview

Why should employers use them?

The Online assessment software are the most effective method for candidates to demonstrate their skills and abilities. If you have time, access, and funds, online assessment platforms can be a better way to hire candidates simply because they are quick, cost-effective, and convenient for both parties involved. Online assessment platforms provide greater efficiency for the candidate and employer alike. Hiring online makes the whole process efficient and timely since you can employ potential employees at a time that suits you and your budget. Online assessment platforms give employers an honest look at their candidates' skills and abilities, making them make the right choice. Candidates also have a better chance of being recruited by companies that use online assessment platforms for hire.

List of Online Assessment Tools that provide free trial 

1. ProProfs

ProProfs is a cloud-based centralized LMS that is used as an online assessment tool. There are more than 100000+ questions that are used by employers in preparing online assessments. One can also create courses and training programs for their existing employees which helps in improving their skills. Once you have prepared and built the quizzes and sent them to the candidates you can access reports and analytics which will help in evaluating the skills. 


  • Customizable quiz templates
  • Completion certificate
  • Analytics and reports

Free Trial: Free basic plan

2. Ducknowl

Ducknowl is a reputed online assessment tool that helps in assessing the candidate's skills in real-time. This assessment suite is compatible with all kinds of job profiles and industries, especially organizations hiring technical clients. It contains pre-made assessment kits for testing candidates' programming skills, coding, engineering, and more. Ducknowl allows you to save time and make higher-quality recruiting decisions with additional features, such as video interviewing, talent assessment, video job descriptions, resume screening, audio screening, and video texting. It allows different customized parts according to your liking. Ducknowl reduces your screening time by 70-80% and digitizes the process with inbuilt features like resume sorting, keyword matching, video screening, skill test, proxy prevention, and results sharing. It has a clean design which helps recruiters easily navigate around the software. 


  • Predefined templates for skill assessment tests
  • Supports bulk resume parsing
  • Audio screening
  • Analytics and reports

Free Trial:- 14 days free trial

3. Skillmeter

Skillmeter is designed more for hiring teams rather than individual recruiters. It is highly customizable and lets you create your own test according to the organization's requirements. You can also add your own branding and subdomain name. It runs in the cloud so using is quite simple. You can get the candidate’s test results instantaneously.


  • Create custom tests
  • Provides reporting and analytics
  • Manages candidates and organizes them by name 

Free Trail:- Free and paid plans

4. Skills Base

Skills Base is a powerful online assessment software tool that helps managers gather data needed to create better workforce strategies from employee training. This tool allows you to figure out the skills and interests of your employees using a self-assessment feature. This way it helps both the managers and employees will be aware of their strengths and weaknesses thus training programs can be conducted by the managers to improve their skills. 


  • Skills assessment dashboard
  • Custom rating criteria for skill assessment
  • Assessment notification

Free Trial:- Provides a free trial

5. Brilliant assessment

Brilliant Assessment is a training software that enables you to give feedback to employees based on the reports. Their online assessment software can be used in different ways whether it’s for cyber security, company assessments, risk assessments, and more. This tool provides customizable tests according to your company’s requirements. The reports and analytics provided can be used by the managers to help their employees in improving their points of weakness and do well in their job.


  • Intelligent scoring  algorithm
  • Customizable tests
  • Language Translation

Free Trial:-Provides a free trial

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