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Training & Development

Training and Development from a Birds Eye View.

 Training and development  hrhelpboard

Why do we need Training and Development?

Change is the only constant thing in today’s world and it is a necessity for human beings to adapt to this Change

As the Darwin theory state “survival of the fittest” which means only those who are fit will survive. The same theory holds true in the Corporate. Only those employee who keep on adapting to the changing environment survive.

How does this adaptation happen?

This question does originate in the human mind. This is possible with Training & Development. Training oneself to keep updated with the changing technology, skills etc. We often hear terms Training and development but what does it mean exactly. Let’s understand the Meaning of training and development with their definitions.
 T&D is described as an education process which involves the sharpening of skills, concepts, changing of attitude and gaining more knowledge to enhance the performance of employees.There are several names of it Human resource development, Human capital development and learning and development. This is training definition as per Wikipedia.
Development on the other hand is a more elaborated term which emphasizes on employee growth and employee future development.Employee training and development is a vast term and involves various aspects of learning.

Transfer of Training to Employees. 

Employee development cannot happen without transfer of training skills from the trainer to the employee. There are certain practices that need to be followed to make this exercise an effective one. 
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Training and development Process


Training and development process

Types of Training

There are basically 6 types of employee training and development  programme which can be categorised as follows: 

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training process in HRM

training process


Recent Trends in Training and development: 

1. More use of Technology in imparting Employee training.
2. Increased training demand for virtual work arrangements.
3. Use of multiple delivery methods and more focus on the content of training.
4. Increased emphasis on task-specific training and simulations.
5. More stress on performance analysis.
6. Recognition of the importance of emotional quotient in hr training and other training programmes. 
7. Globalization will form more training programme.

Future of Employee Training

An organisation cannot sustain in absence of training and development programme  as untrained employees can’t be employed. The companies are looking for a very effective training programme in the future.

Following to be considered for making training very effective in Future: 

1. Demand for effective training arrangement will increase.
2. Organisations will invest more in learning management system and will rely on training programme integration with the company's processes.
3. Technology such as mobile learning will help training to be delivered in an effective manner.
4. More emphasis on Training programme resulting in employee engagement.
5. Customized training to meet the need of individual employees.
6. Imbibing learning culture in the organisation so that training and development process  is the central core and knowledge sharing and communication are central elements.
7. Employing more simulation techniques so as to make training an effective process.

Benefits of T&D 

1. Increased  Productivity

2. Minimum supervision and lesser errors

3. Tapping  of employee potential and more Job  satisfaction

4. Lesser  absenteeism

5.  More consistency

6. Better Team coordination

7. Better skill development

8. More utilisation of resources

9. More  effective working

10. More effective working

11. Better compliance with regulation  





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