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Recent Trends In Recruitment

2018 Recent Trends in Recruitment Industry

There is so much happening in the recruitment itself. Lot of new and innovative practices are now being used now a days by the industry.   Being the most importart aspect of business, recruitment is always on priority list of any of the organisation.  There are various new trends are being noticed which are in practice such as :

• Outsourcing

Outsourcing firms build up their human asset pool by utilizing individuals for them and make accessible work force to different organizations according to their necessities. As result, the outsourcing firms or the intermediaries charge the organizations their services cost.The outsourcing firms help the association by the underlying screening of the candidates as indicated by the necessities of the association organization and making an appropriate pool of ability for the last choice by the association.

Advantages of outsourcing are:

  1. Outsourcing helps to the client company for recruitment process.
  2. Company need not plan for human resources much in advance.
  3. Outsourcing helps to the initial screening process
  4. It helps to the final selection by the organization
  5. Value creation, operational flexibility and competitive advantage.
  6. Tuning the management’s focus to strategic level processes of HRM.
  7. Company free from the salary negotiations
  8. Outsourcing helps to save the time and resources.


Poaching means Developing it. “Buying talent” (rather than developing it) is the latest mantra being followed by the organizations today. Poaching means employing a competent and experienced person already working with another reputed organization in the same or different industry; the organization might be a competitor in the industry.An outsourcing association can draw in gifted applicants from another association by offering alluring pay bundles, advantages, reward and different terms and conditions, superior to the present business of the organization.It Comes as a challenging task for HR managers to face and tackle poaching by other organizations, as it weakens the competitive strength of the firm and trustworthiness

Advantages of Poaching / Raiding:

  1. Employing competent and experienced person, who already working in another reputed company.
  2. New Employer ready to give attractive packages, better than the current employer.


E- recruitment is the an smart use of technology to accelerate the recruitment process. Many big organizations use Internet as a source of recruitment. They advertise job vacancies through worldwide web. The job seekers send their applications or curriculum vitae i.e. CV or resume through e mail using the Internet. Either  job seekers place their CV or resumes over internet , job portal , apply through company webpage, which can be drawn by prospective employees depending upon their requirements. 

  1. Advantages of recruitment are:
  2. Low cost.
  3. No intermediaries
  4. Reduction in time for recruitment.
  5. Recruitment of right type of people.
  6. Efficiency of recruitment process.



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