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Challenges of Manual Timesheet Management System

It's critical to keep track of employee attendance to foster a culture of shared responsibility. However, many companies struggle to adequately manage it. Time theft is relatively easy when you use old-school timesheets and punch cards, and it costs organizations huge amounts of money every year.

Only by using the right timesheet software can you improve your current time management procedure. An automated employee timesheet system has numerous advantages and eliminates timesheet errors such as buddy punching. It inevitably solves many of the problems associated with employee attendance while also increasing overall employee productivity.

The main drawbacks of these manual time tracking systems are as follows:

High Risk of Human Errors

Manual errors are always a possibility when using punched cards or timesheets. Employees may inaccurately enter their work hours on a timesheet, or the data may be uploaded into your payroll software inaccurately.

When using a manual time tracking tool in the office, these issues are common. Your Human Resource department may have to devote a significant amount of time addressing these mistakes. Errors that go unnoticed can result in improper employee payments and other payroll concerns.

Possibility Of Time Theft

Time fraud and punching by colleagues are not prevented by manual timesheets and punch cards. An employee can enroll for his or her shift using another punch card if a manual time management system is used. This is known as buddy punching, and it is a typical occurrence in huge corporations.

Manual Entries Are Time-Consuming 

Making data entries in attendance timesheets eats up a lot of time. Your employees may have to wait in line to enter or leave, and your HR professionals will have to cope with time ticket concerns. This could include things like updating the scorecard, fixing time input errors, and other issues that can arise when using manual timesheets.

Are Ineffective and Outdated

Finally, manual time tracking systems are inefficient and obsolete. They have the potential to pose a negative impact on the performance of your employees. Clocking mistakes can be quite costly to your company. With a large corporation, these issues are becoming more prevalent.

When you just have a dozen people, the discomfort of using manual time management solutions can be minimized. However, if you have a thousand or more employees, you could be losing thousands of dollars each month due to payroll problems and time theft.

Too Much Paperwork

An automated system that guarantees that data is stored, found, and recovered quickly and efficiently is required for maintaining an increasing batch of data. If every piece of employee information is noted in the form of paperwork, it can occupy up a lot of space. 

It will be considerably more challenging to retrieve papers from different offices in different places if your company has several branches. You're more likely to have attendance and payroll problems if you're still relying on a paper-based attendance system.

Obsolete Systems

The use of outdated systems increases the danger of system failure, security concerns, and data loss: Have you considered what would happen if your payroll system fails to process payroll effectively, resulting in employee grievances? Modern attendance management software minimizes stress, saves a lot of time, and reduces errors.

How Can You Overcome These Challenges with Time & Attendance Software?

Having an effective strategy of Human Resource Management System especially for monitoring employee attendance is an important component of managing your workforce. Without it, unanticipated absences and a lack of transparency about when staff will return to work could catch you off guard.

Moreover, if you don't have a complete grasp of employee absenteeism, you risk having irregular shifts, which may necessitate additional overtime from other employees. Your labor costs will rise before your eyes, while your employees will become less productive.

On the other hand, knowing all of your employees' absences, whether it be for holidays, sickness, or other reasons, allows you to plan ahead and have more command over the regular flow of their work.

A time and attendance software have six advantages that help you overcome these challenges:

  • Ensure that attendance policies are in line with the company's guidelines.
  • Enhance the accuracy of timekeeping and attendance.
  • Keep track of your employees' absences.
  • Maintain work shifts that are fully staffed.
  • Boost morale among employees.
  • Take a look at the patterns of employee vacation.

This way, time and attendance software can help you manage your workforce more efficiently.

Aman Rawat

HR Management Marketer, Zimyo

India, Haryana, Gurgaon

I have 3+ years of experience in HR technology and I keep sharing my knowledge through blogs. Currently, working as a marketing associate at Zimyo, an HR software company, helps companies to manage their payroll and core HR tasks.