HR On boarding Process best practices, checklist and templates​

HR Onboarding process best practices, checklist and templates is the prime part of the HR Process which involves employee recruitment process. This is the gateway of the new employee to the company here they get introduced to the company, its policies, skills and behaviors. This process includes the complete recruitment and joining process. This process includes introduction of employee with other employees and company’s hierarchy.

On boarding process  -Hrhelpboard

The  New hire job onboarding employee is welcomed with the joining kit and a complete overview regarding the company, its organizational culture and its business is given to the new joinee. Here in this section you can find some samples, templates which will help you organize the on boarding process.

Onboarding process should include a fine pre-decided plan  for an employee first day, week, month as on as per company to company.
Here are following the checklist to the managers for new employees in the organization.
According to a survey about the new hire checklist first day 
4 %  of the new employees quit after a disastrous first day
22% of employees  turnover occurs in the first 45 days 
41% more  1st year employees stay at companies with formal onboarding programmes
79% of business leaders surveyed informing as onboarding is urgent and important at the topmost 
Here is a checklist before the New employee's First day 
  • Send the offer or welcome letter.
  • Notify unit personnel /payroll/benefits representative of hire.
  • Prepare the agenda for the first week.
  • Notify departmentally to IT, HR admin about new  hire employee
  • Make lunch plans for employees the first day. 
  • Identify employees with similar types of responsibilities to functions as new employees coach /mentor for work-related process and procedures.
  • Make an appointment with  the HR contact  for  the employee to complete new hire paperwork
  • Install appropriate hardware/software 
  • Ensure to provide temp  ID card, employee code    

Job On boarding for new employee first day 

  • Send the welcome onboard message or email to new employees 
  • Introduce employee with the co-workers.
  • Schedule attendance at an orientation programme 
  • Order business card 
  • Introduce employee to work area, including 
  • phone usage 
  • Hr policies
  • code of conduct 
Orient employee to the worksite 
  • coffee rooms 
  • Washrooms
  • photocopy machines
  • Fax machines
  • Supplies
  • canteen
  • transportation
  • break rooms
  • ATM's
  • Vending Machines
  • medical supplies 
  • emergency supplies
  • mail service

Job on boarding process within the first two weeks

  • Probationary period
  • Timesheets
  • leaves 
  • hours of work
  • work rules
  • attendance policy
  • phone policy 
  • personal phone usage policy
  • personal computer usage policy
  • performance appraisal policy 
  • Merit/salary increase timeline 
  • Introduce employee to the job 
  • review job description
  • Discuss the supervisor's style and expectations.
  • Review performance goals and expectations.
  • identify the "Players" connected to the position. make the appointment with " Key players."
  • identify the "customers" served by this position; define customer service.
  • Discuss employee safety
  • Review standard meeting the employees needs to attend.
  • identify what training and development activities will be needed in the next six months. Sign up for the appropriate classes.
  • Meet weekly to complete orientation to work-related task and to ask/answer questions.
  • Set performance expectations and discuss how and when the employee will be evaluated.Provide feedback on a weekly basis
  • The meeting department head and executive team.

During the first 6 months on the Job

provide monthly feedback to the employee regarding his/her job performance, including a formal performance evaluation in the third month.

After 6 months on the Job