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The Right Process of Recruiting Employees

Looking into the latest trend where it has really become difficult for employers to get the best candidate for their firm, though there are a huge number of databases of candidates who are looking for jobs. All this happens just because we do not know the right recruitment process. Due to sudden employer pressure and in need of closing the position at times HR people cannot delve deep into the matter. So, just to help out the HR people, here are some of the best techniques to select the right candidate for your concern.

Understand the requirement: First of all, before you search for any employee for your organization, you need to determine the proper employer requirement.- what they want, get all the minute details, it is not only the experience, education and CTC you look for, but also you need to understand the kind of nature and behavior the employer wants, as these matters in employee retention.

Put he JD accordingly: The Job Description must be put accordingly, at times Human Resource becomes little reluctant and give a broader search while that most probably just to get more number of CVs. Do not do that, be specific, it may be that you get less number of CVs but you will get the cream. Follow the same way for job posting too. For job posting display the CTC and years of experience properly, so that similar candidates may apply.

Screen the CVs properly: CV screening is another art. This really requires good experience. So the learners, keep on learning! Get associated with various job portals, now-a-days Many job portals, can provide some really good CVs according to your need. Do not stick to one job portal, as that may keep to array of good quality CVs.

Have telephonic round: Now this needs a good psychology reading capability. Talk to the candidates, why they need the job, how much they are dying for, their expectations, calculate their mind status if they are really looking for a good change. Do not go for a good candidate just for company’s sake, you need to also understand that they also are looking for good opportunity. Never forget : desire and opportunity helps you get a good employee.

Schedule interview: Try to avoid the drop outs, while scheduling the interview, otherwise, it will be of no use. So, get the schedule from the respective managers who is going to take the interview, talk to the candidates accordingly and then schedule it accordingly.

Types of interviews: For a good round, I believe there must be both HR and technical rounds. HR round, must be at least twice, one in the beginning and the other one after clearing all the technical rounds, if the candidate clears the technical rounds. The Interview must end up in a few rounds. It gets really tiring for candidates, if he need to take three or four days leave for coming down again and again. So try to get some telephonic and Skype rounds too.

Background verification: Now-a-days this has become really necessary, to get a proper background verification done. Companies are hiring good companies for this kind of verification check. Get a proper verification done for work profile, education background, personality verification. All these will help to get a good employee.

Hire the employee accordingly: Ones all necessary steps are over , now decide the offer and generate it accordingly, while offering take all the required information which are to be considered, so that your offer must not go in vain. 

In present scenario, now big HR firms and Corporate companies are getting into contact with best job portals, hiring firms and reference checking companies who can handle the complete process accordingly, so that the complete process of hiring remains smooth.