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Mock Interview: Benefits and Questions

Mock Interview: Benefits and Questions to Know About

A rehearsal before a performance brings confidence. Similarly, a mock interview before an actual one prepares you to appear professional and be precise about your answers to the recruiter. Whether you are about to appear for a job or a university interview, a mock interview or competency-based interview training will help you to identify your best skills and also help you to figure out the areas where you need to do more work.  It is an excellent training strategy for individuals who want to put their best in the panel interview. The mock interview helps you find your weak points like body language, eye contact, and speech hesitation. The moderator alerts you about it and gives you some tactics to improve them. So, before you dress up for your official interview, below are some benefits and questions that can help you groom well and improve you prior to the interview round. 

Benefits of mock interview

To secure a seat in a reputed university or an organization is tough, but a mock interview helps you identify your strengths and weaknesses to work on and enhance your personality. Check out its benefits from below

Boosts your confidence  
Mock interviews boost confidence. The panel interviewer takes your interview and helps you identify areas you need to work on. He/she points out your mistakes and gives you a technique to correct it and answer them strategically. Once you understand the strategy, you will feel confident internally and see yourself improving day by day, and the day you appear for an interview, you will see your confidence level uplifted.  

Reduces stress and anxiety 
The mock interview keeps your mind in control and reduces anxiety. The moderator asks  you the questions that are likely to be asked in an interview and also tells you which one will resonate with the listener.  The interviewer will also guide you if you get nervous before answering or sometimes go clueless to the question asked by an interviewer. This will bring out your faults and your interviewer will guide you to fix them in an effective way. 

Allows one-to-one interaction  
In most cases panel interviews are one-to-one.  The atmosphere can also be an affecting factor. The mock interviewer sets up an atmosphere for you that depicts the scenario of the official interview room you could be having an interview in. Here, he observes your body language and articulation and informs you what needs to be fixed. The interviewer ensures that you are comfortable both physically and mentally. 

Prepares you for behavioral-based questions  
The interviewer guides you with the behavior. It is important to sound professional, but equally joyful as well. An interviewer likes the candidate that makes ice-breaks his day, as he has to take a lot of interviews in a single day. The moderator guides with how to balance joyfulness and professionalism. 

Before you consult a professional job interviewer, know some common interview questions. 

1. Tell us something about yourself? 
Here, you may describe qualifications, hobbies, family background, and skills, but the listener wants to hear something beyond your resume and how will that unique quality of yours benefit the organization. The coach trains you to answer in a unique way because giving generic answers won’t get you a job. 

2. Why work for us? 
Here people generally use answers like ‘This is a reputed organization’ ‘ I will get a good exposure or a chance to hone my skills’ ‘i am capable for this company’ The person training you during the mock interview will inform what not to answer and how to sound professional in such negations. 

3. What are your strengths and weaknesses?  
Describe your strengths in such a way that it benefits the organization. If you are good at communicating or negotiating then put that in front of the interviewer your chances of recruitment will increase. Do not say things that are of no use to the organization like bodybuilding. On the other hand, be honest about your weaknesses. You need not explain all of them, just the ones you can express unhesitatingly. 

4. Describe your experience with a previous company?  

Explain honestly. Do not exploit or spoil the name of the company if your experience was bad. The coach will train you to answer this question diplomatically. If you are inexperienced then ask your coach what would be the best way to answer. The purpose of this question is to identify your attitude towards your work or the organization. 

Do you have any questions for us? 

For this question, make sure you ask all the company-related questions, do not ask about their personal or professional life. 

This is how a mock session prior to an official interview will help you groom and enhance your skills. Take the benefits of interview preparations and coaching, which is a must if you wish to achieve your dream job.

Petra Wagner

Content Manager, Job Interviewology

United Kingdom, Oxford, Oxford

Petra Wagner is a writer by passion and profession. Her love for writing isn't restricted to any specific niche. She loves pouring out her thoughts on interview coaching sessions and pros and cons.