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AI Recruitment in Healthcare
Navjot Kaur
on 23 Nov, 2022

Redefining Talent Acquisition in the Healthcare Industry with AI Recruitment


The healthcare industry is growing at a fast pace globally. Recruiting outstanding talent is becoming highly competitive in healthcare, given the staffing crisis. 

The healthcare industry is facing a shortage of physicians and nurses because of an increase in aging baby boomers. Therefore, leading to high demand for healthcare professionals, including therapists, support staff, and pharmacy assistants.

According to USNews, in 2025, there will be a shortage of nearly 95,000 nursing assistants, 98,700 medical and lab technologists, technicians, and more than 29,000 nurse practitioners. Thus, finding competent candidates will be a challenge in the future. 

Technological help can go a long way in hiring the best fit. Artificial intelligence (AI) can help recruiters take a more innovative approach to hiring by improving the candidate experience and identifying the best fit for the job.

Why should you use AI for medical recruitment?

The ability of AI to learn over time is its most distinguishing attribute. This can assist hiring managers and TA teams in making complex judgments and decisions on which candidates to hire.

How can AI Recruitment Revolutionize the Recruitment Process in Healthcare?

HR professionals are already using AI technology to find candidates. They can use AI-based HR tools to find the best possible candidates for vacant positions.

AI-based HR tools have several benefits over traditional methods. They can search through an extensive database of resumes, shortlist them according to the skills and experience required for the position, and then select potential candidates. 

Here are a few ways in which AI is helping recruiters:

AI Recruitment helps to reach out to passive healthcare providers

The healthcare industry is currently experiencing a shortage of qualified candidates. As per the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the healthcare industry is projected to grow by 13 % from 2021 to 2031. Over the decade, about 2 million new jobs are expected to be created. But the downside is that there isn't a notable increase in healthcare professionals as in the new jobs. 

Because of this disparity, recruiters spend more time looking for passive prospects and less time looking for active candidates.

AI-powered HR Tech tools might be a solution to this issue. These advanced HR tools help locate passive candidates on social media. These tools find candidates on social media platforms such as LinkedIn and save recruiters a lot of time by automating the search process.

There seems like an untapped pool of candidates in the healthcare sector that AI can help reach with ease. These candidates may not be actively looking for a job change, but their skills make them desirable to employers. 

Hiring managers can use AI-based tools to source candidates from social media, resume databases, and job boards by reviewing thousands of profiles within seconds. Manual sourcing is more time-consuming. It can take a back seat with AI-powered tools and give recruiters a much-needed break.

AI Recruitment-based hiring tools promote diverse hiring 

Being a recruiter is no easy job, and AI-based hiring tools understand that. These intelligent tools can uncover the competent candidates and screen out the unqualified ones. These hiring tools can help recruiters to find a diverse fit for the organization and support unbiased hiring. 

AI-based tools promote diverse hiring by removing human bias from the candidate selection process and factors such as educational qualifications, location, age, and gender. Research suggests that having a diversified talent pool in your organization can lead to better decision-making, creativity, innovation, and productivity.

Organizations promoting diversity are regarded as more approachable and socially responsible. This leads to an improved overall brand reputation, allowing you to attract new clients and partnerships and expand to newer markets.

AI Recruitment provides a great candidate experience

Recruiting in times of millennial isn't easy! They seek a gratifying candidate experience – quick and hassle-free. AI and automation have improved the application process while simplifying data collection and hiring. 

Candidates do not want to waste time on the website's career page filling out details already sketched in their resumes. Integrating the advanced AI-based tools, such as resume parser, allow candidates to complete the profile in less than 10 seconds or with just one click. This implies that candidates will not abandon the website or go to competitors after constantly attempting to fill in the data.

Millennial candidates are attracted to responsive career pages that render well on mobile devices and chatbots that can effectively establish rapport with them. Using social media will assist recruiters in improving their employee branding. Healthcare providers should try to increase the number of brand advocates in their workforce who advocate for them.

Some of the many benefits that a good candidate experience provides are:

  • An easy application process attracts more job seekers who will finish applying to your jobs.
  • It helps to make a great first impression, which increases their desire to work for you.
  • It improves the quality of hire.
  • An exceptional CX leads to better ratings and reviews online, creating better brand awareness.

Implementing technology to provide an engaging, responsive, and positive candidate experience to attract these job seekers is critical.

In conclusion

Artificial Intelligence and automation are changing the way businesses operate. AI-based solutions for talent acquisition and retention are improving and becoming more widespread. If you are a healthcare institution that wants to address the staffing shortage, AI-Recruitment tools such as resume parser and search and match engine are here to help you.

These trailblazing AI Recruitment tools provide unrivaled technology to assist healthcare professionals in hiring the best talent globally and saving time and money. 

Navjot Kaur

Sr. Content writer, RChilli Inc

United States of America, California, San Ramon

Below is details about myself :

Navjot Kaur works with RChilli Inc, a leading resume parser provider that helps speed up your recruitment process. A master's in Mass Communication, she has over ten years of work experience in creative & technical writing. 


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