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Jeremy Ambrose
on 22 Nov, 2021

Working Remotely from Home? Find How Can You Skyrocket Productivity while Working from Home? 

The world economy has survived on work from after the outbreak of the global pandemic last year. And we have well understood the fantastic benefits this mode of work has to offer. The best part of working remotely from home and its benefits is to drawing up your very own calendar and never being off track. It will always ensure you are right on schedule and never late for any meeting or online event. Taking a quick 15 minutes gaming session in between a dreggy presentation preparation sounds impressive. We often play Gold Cup between 2 work sessions and earn a couple of extra dollars while having the best fun break from work. It not only boosts your productivity but also cheers you up to give better-quality work. 

However, making the best use of this work methodology happens only if you know the right hacks and techniques. Otherwise, lack of office space and the beckoning of a comfortable bed will bring about a catastrophe in your professional life. On the other hand, learning the organizational system that works the best for you can make you a rockstar at working remotely from Home!

Importance of Working Remotely from Home and to Get Organized & Why Should You Give Home Workspace a Makeover?

The HR of the organization also keeps issuing the HR guidance during Covid-19 from the employer perspective which is the best way to keep the energy alive while working as a remote employee. When we working remotely from home like a separate office for our self, we tend to maintain a balance between professional and personal lives as beings. However, when the office comes to home, we tend to lose that balance. Home life and chores interfere with office work. The post-lunch afternoons seem way too sleepy, and we lose out on our efficiency. Hence, staying organized and following a few rituals can help you focus better at work. It will also help you keep your personal and professional lives separate, making life easier and smarter. Are you willing to slay your life and be the superhuman at the office and home? Then, stay tuned till the end!

Six Amazing Hacks to Improve while Working Remotely from Home

1. Plan out a Schedule, Personalize Your Calendar

Adding a proper starting and ending time is the best way to stay motivated for remote work from home and avoid procrastinating. Work schedules also help you in the appropriate allocation of your time between office duties and chores. If you put a time limit on yourself, you will work faster and more efficiently and finish within the deadline instead of dragging it till midnight. Also, during post-work hours, always remember to turn off work notifications on all your devices and enjoy a comfortable home life with friends and family.

2. Drawing out a Plan of Action

The other best remote work productivity hack is chalking out a plan of action. The best thing you must do is keep a definite task order. Decide what you want to work on first and which works fully or in parts that need your prior attention. It will make your work hours more effective because you will have a clear idea of what you have to attend to before the end of your office hours that you have set on your calendar. We always recommend while working  remotely from Home that you keep an hour or so in your timetable for attending calls or meetings that might come up unexpectedly.

3. Creating Rules for the House Mates and Household Chores

Mental health is the worst affected while working remotely from Home, when you intertwine your professional and personal lives and lose the balance. It happens especially with parents. As a result, you fail to give your work the attention and dedication it needs, and fail in caregiving with undivided focus. Hence, chalking out some ground rules to minimize interferences can work wonders in boosting the workflow. 

4. Minimal Distractions

The excellent WFH flexibility comes with many distractions. Remote work statistics say hygiene factors improve employee performances at work from home and avoiding all sorts of distractions, cleaning outside work notification tray, is the 101 here. Sometimes, the people close to us also come in as distractions during our work hours. Following the 3rd hack will help well with it. Please run a few extra errands, and tidy up your workstation the night before. Remove all the magazines and journals unrelated to work so that flipping a couple of more pages don’t lead to hour-long procrastination. 

5. Getting a Perfect Planner

Remote work experience is so much easier with the right planner! Planners help to chalk down all the required goals and arrange them in a precise manner. A hefty amount of people loves to keep their daily track of events on a paper planner so that they can tick on the checkboxes manually and get a feel of their accomplishments. With the advent of technology, people are getting attracted to digital planners and apps as they are convenient. There are a variety of digital planners available in the market, most of them are free to use. Just open your App Store/ Google Play and download the one which suits your interests.

6. Setting the Right Toolbar on Your Desktop

Keep a quick toolbar on your computer. Bookmark the pages you often use and waste no more time manually opening the tabs and scrolling through them every time. Chrome has many amazing features to make your work-life easy. WFH can be heavenly since remote work meaning is to have more time to stay at home and spend with your family. So, why not make the best use of technology and reduce working hours even further? An additional tip for all of you while working remotely from home: Tweak the browser shortcuts and save the recently closed tabs so that you can resume on the next day, where you left, without repeating all the searching and surfing.

Final Thoughts

Remote work definition talks about a work arrangement whereby employees don’t commute to a central workplace. While this takes away community participation, it also saves your time wasted in transportation. And by maintaining the proper remote work guidelines, you can keep winning as a valuable employee.

Tell us which hack you liked the best and how it changed your work-life balance! 

Jeremy Ambrose


United States of America, Tennessee, Brentwood

Below is details about myself :

Jeremy Ambrose is a human resource manager at a well-reputed MNC and has studied employee behavior and workplace productivity for the past 15 years. He also holds a Ph.D. in behavioral psychology and has been on multiple talk shows where his tips changed productivity in a quarter.  

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