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HRHelpBoard welcomes professionals, experts & skilled writers, who wish to publish a guest post, contribute with well-written articles, and interest readership on our website worldwide. If you have a great content idea and are interested to showcase your talents and expertise on a big stage with a large number of global audiences then we invite you to submit your article on our website.              


Writer's / Guest Post GuidelinesTerms & Conditions

You may submit your content on the following Categories / topics:


  1. Human Resource
  2. HR policies
  3. HR Manual
  4. HR Process
  5. HR software & Technology
  6. Performance management 
  7. Training & development
  8. Organization Development
  9. Change Management
  10. Jobs & Recruitment
  11. Staffing / Outsourcing
  12. organization Culture
  13. Business & Management


  1. Letter Writing
  2. Resume Writing
  3. Assessment & Verification
  4. Interviews
  5. Career & Education
  6. Skill Development
  7. Compensation & Benefits
  8. HR Events & Seminars
  9. Diversity
  1. Law & Compliances
  2. Reward & Recognition
  3. HR Practices & Innovations
  4. HR Trends
  5. Others / Fit to our website


Contributors/Guest Post Guidelines/Terms & Conditions :


  1. Your article must be 1000 to 2000 words and grammatically correct.
  2. Add subheadings & bullet points to make your article more engaging and readable.
  3. We only consider unique content; all content must be produced exclusively for HRhelpboard which has not been published elsewhere before.
  4. The images in your article, if required, should be in jpeg or png format. Don't forget to give credit to images.
  5. The Article submitted by you shall thoroughly be reviewed by the HRhelpboard Editorial team before approving it for final publication. The HRhelpboard reserves the right to edit and make any substantial changes for clarity, grammar, length, removal of non-relevant/redundant hyperlinks, and any advertorial angles.
  6. All articles submitted are subject to our review and can be rejected for any reason.
  7. Once the article is published on our website then you are not permitted to republish it anywhere else. However, including the original link to your HRhelpboard article within a newly developed article is permitted. The new article may be published on any other site you wish.
  8. Promote Your HRhelpboard Article: We encourage our contributors to promote their articles via social media. For example, you must include “via @ HRhelpboard” in your promotion on Twitter. All promotions must cite HRhelpboard as its original source and provide a link to the post at
  9. HRhelpboard reserves the right to include call-to-actions to HRhelpboard’s content, including (but not limited to) email newsletters, e-books, and other downloadable content.
  10. We do not allow any link in the article content body. Your contributor profile will be created on our website, and all your published articles shall be listed there for your branding as a contributor.

Author Bio Requirements & Link guidelines:

  • Contributor Profile Picture 200px*200px (JPG or PNG format).
  • Add you’re author bio, a short description about you (around 200to 300 characters)
  • A Contributor is allowed to add their social media handle Links. If you prefer, you may use your company Twitter account instead of your personal Twitter account.
  • A Contributor can also add a link to his/her personal website (a “nofollow” link) in your author bio details.
  • Link related to any Research or data reference or other Resources that will genuinely benefit the reader and make sense in the context of the post shall be allowed.


If you have an idea for an article and want to publish it to, please email the entire article mentioning the article title in the subject line to Unfortunately, we can’t respond to all requests to submit content, but we will respond to all accepted pitches as quickly as possible.

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