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How does bad customer relationship management can impact organisation Profit?

rajesh gupta | Posted 31 Oct 2018

CRM(customer Relationship management) is one the important and among top priority of comapnies . the
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Is the HR need to be friendly or effective ?

Sanjay | Posted 29 Oct 2018

According to Me : Hr should be effective than to be friendly with employees Role of Hr is multi -dia

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Is the job of a human resource manager very stressful?

jerrysmith | Posted 16 Oct 2018

Hr manager Job is very challenging  in nature  

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What is mass recruitment?

rajesh gupta | Posted 27 Sep 2018

Mass recruitment or High volume hiring or bulk hiring is hiring the bunch of peoples for a specific ... read more

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What is the best HR software for a small business?

jerrysmith | Posted 25 Sep 2018

Various Hr software used in small and medium companies are as

  • Recruitment management software
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