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Is the job of a human resource manager very stressful?

Jerrysmith 16 Oct, 2018, 17:09:PM


Pitch N Hire Answered, 16 Dec 2022

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debora Answered, 07 Jun 2019

People have a set notion that HR as a department has 'no work', let alone their job be stressful. The reason behind this is, probably, the fact that HR as a function is responsible for managing people and relationships in a work environment. Since we, humans, are 'social beings', we feel that managing people and relationships is something which doesn't need to be done by 'special people' in workplaces which is a myth. In a workplace, people in different functions are preoccupied in their heads with the technicalities of their own jobs which makes someone who can manage the people to be present, imperative.


Rachel Stinson Answered, 22 May 2019

Job for human resource manager is a responsible job , and as per as stress is concerned at any job ,level of stress is directly proportional to the work load ,and your interest in that job. What I observed is my HR manger loves her job,its her passion and she always finds a way to put loaded work in segments and deal with it smartly rather than thinking of work pressure. Stressors are born when you think negative about that particular thing.So,Just believe in yourself,create a strategy of dealing with loaded work ,think positive in your head and believe me your HR manager job will be fun


iaadhar Answered, 10 May 2019

Hr job is not that much stress. Recently I joined one company as HR by seeing job vacancy through the jobads site. In that company, work is not much more than my previous company. Stress will depend on the company but not by the designation.


Tmt Aba Answered, 02 May 2019

It all depends on how you deal with the work. Every other profession may be stressful if you don't know how to handle the responsibilities and work and every other profession may become amazing if you know what to do and how to do. Human Resource Manager is surely a challenging job but not stressful and if you're feeling it as stressful then it is an indication that you need to do learn something new in that role.


Sanjay Kumar Answered, 30 Nov -0001

Hr manager Job is very challenging  in nature  

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