Case Studies on RMS

Some Successful Case Studies of Organisations


In this section of Recruitment Management system (RMS ), let's see practically how the use of recruitment management software has changed the working style of different companies. They based entire recruitment on online recruitment system and gained tremendous benefits. One such company is the Founder Institute.
Challenge faced by the company: The founder institute was dependent heavily on Google docs and email for their hiring programme. With this system in place, they had no idea on the number of candidates those have applied and many CV'S were lost this way.
It resulted in wastage of time and Productivity. 
They needed a centralised recruitment in place. 
Their requirements were :
1. Flawless incorporation with their current hiring process
2. Joint working between different users.
3. Email and calendar combination.
4. It must give user Flexibility as the hiring needs keep on changing.
After an initial challenge of change by some employees of the company, they were able to implement online job management system in the company.

Benefits experienced after implementing Recruitment management software were:

           benefits  after experienced after  -hrhelpboard

Case study 1

Another success story  is of the company called " Dream Clinic ".  It is a Seattle based Wellness Company consistently recognized for providing therapeutic massage and acupuncture services. 

Challenge faced by the company:  Initially, at  Dream clinic, they would use spreadsheets, paper files etc. at their workplace. With expansion different methods of tracking applicant became unsustainable.

They lost on good talent as their hiring process was too long. It was quite clear that they needed an applicant tracking system.

The difficulties they had without an applicant tracking system is that 

  • No robust reporting: It was difficult for them to determine how many applicants they received.
  • Different software:  Also they had to use different software's for different functions which was a costly affair. 

By using Online canddidate tracking system  dream clinic hiring process became more efficient:

            recruitment  process online -hrhelpboard

Case Study 2 

Beauty Brands:  Beauty  Brand is into more than 50 locations and 11 states. It is based out in Kansas City. The company is planning to expand at a very large scale in the next 5 years.

Challenge faced by the company: Their team did not have enough time to post jobs and segregate the CV'S basis location. With expansion mode, it was not possible to continue with the paper trail. Also, most of their work was done by central HR.

They needed an applicant tracking system product with unlimited users so as to become self-dependent.They chose for and the benefits the company got were as follows: 

     online hiring  system - hrhelpboard

Case Study 3
Central  digital:  It's a company that reshapes the business model and customer experience to help traditional business compete in digital society. 
Challenge faced by the company: The company's challenge was to choose people who are not only good at their work but should have the acumen to work along with people. They wanted to have a recruitment process so they could hire the right talent quickly.
They used a recruitment management system to have a hiring strategy based on recruitment database management system 

Benefits  received by the company:

benefits of Rms  -hrhelpboard
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