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How to identify and apply performance management to get the best output from it?

Performance management is one of the strategic performance which helps the organization to achieve its goals in systematic way. Performance Management deals with setting new goals and targets, which will give company a new achievements all together. Performance Management requires both employee and management involvement. During this process company apply and invent new ways, techniques, approach and technologies. Performance management includes complete planning, reviewing, monitoring and feedback process. Performance Management process helps to set the priorities of the managers and employees. This process helps to identify the gaps, loopholes which are highly improved through training and mentoring. It helps to get clear goals and thus helps to improve the business process. Performance Management process can be applied to any individual department or for overall company. Performance management is applied in either formal or informal way.

Performance Management system in workplace

Performance Management System is applied both ways. It is extremely necessary for the organization. The reason behind this is employees while performing if are not monitored or proper feedback is not provided this will never improve the work process. Basically it is a two way discussion which provides scope for improvement. This process also helps to find out the issue which is affecting the employee’s performance.

How to identify the places where the performance management is required so that organization may find out the best output:

Some queries which will help to understand from where to start and how to start-

  • What is the motif and goal of the organization?
  • Which are the places or divisions where changes are to be made?
  • Wat are the line of activities which are to be performed?
  • What are the activities going on now and what more to be done?
  • Who will be taking the responsibility and what will be each employee’s job role?

All these queries will help to decide the next plan of action, which will benefit both the organization and employees.

The work sheet which are to be applied:

  • Plan and goals jotted down
  • Data collection
  • Training process
  • Required tool and its implementation
  • Performance reviews

The stages of the complete performance management includes:

  • Planning stage
  • Executing stage
  • Monitoring stage
  • Analyzing Stage
  • Sharing Stage
  • Adapting Stage

Performance management process is incomplete without reward process so, it is mandatory to end up the performance management with appraisal process.

How organization can apply to get the best output from it:

  • Set a meeting with management, managers and employees to set the goals, targets and complete plan. Also decide the respected job distribution and expected behavioral approach of the employees and managers.
  • Set a guideline and action plan for the target decided on which basis employees will work out and execute their plan.
  • Set the training need for the organization and execute the related training programs.
  • Start implementing the plan accordingly.
  • Review the process in between and do the necessary changes required in between.
  • Ones the decided time and job is done, try to review the complete performance so that you can jot down the further necessary changes and processes which are to be followed out.
  • Follow the reward process which will allow to get moral boost to the employees who were involved in this process.

Benefits of performance management:

  • Quality improvement
  • Employee engagement
  • Technique invention
  • Employee Satisfaction
  • Profit and recognition for organization

Performance management helps not only to improve the organizational achievements it also helps to uplift the performance and carrier achievements of the employees. Performance Management process helps to gain an overall improvement of both employee and employer and help to achieve new heights of success.




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