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HR Process

Company HR Process

Human Resources Process

HR Process is fundamentally the primary and most essential piece of Human Resource division of any Company.This complete process determines the way and procedure how the company will run. So it is very necessary that every company must have strong and effective process. Drafting the complete process majorly depends on the HR team. The whole HR process is always monitored and required changes must be made from time to time. The complete HR process mainly includes On boarding Process, Grievance Redressal Process and Exit Process. Human Resource planning is the main part of the this complete HR process as this includes recruitment, selection, training, evaluation, remuneration, administration, employee relations, benefits etc.

Objective of HR Process 

Mainly the completely HR Process look into complete controlling and smooth performance of employees and management and their relationship with the clients.

Here HR Process includes some samples and templates in writing which will help to get the complete HR Process done smoothly.

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