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Visiting Cards

Visiting Cards policy

Every  company has standard size of the visiting-cards, the size of cards will be as per standards:

LENGTH           :  90  MM

WIDTH              :  52  MM

BORDER          :  05  MM



 All the visiting cards will be get printed and modified  as per the above  mentioned standard size 

All employees  of Level 5 and above category will be entitled to have their visiting card in the company’s standardized prescribed design at the cost of the specific company.

In some special of the cases Level IV and as per need other employees  may also be required to have the visiting cards, they may also have the visiting cards on need basis and Head of the department is authorized to approve the same on case to case, basis.

The visiting card will be provided only  if, needed only through the Human resource  management  department.

No body has got the right to get the visiting cards printed neither on his own expenses no


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