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Uniform policy


Uniform policies in company

uniform policy for employees -hrhelpboard


This policy has been laid down to bring similarity among all the employees and to maintain uniformity.


This policy will be applicable to all Units of ____________ Group. This covers all permanent employees i.e. Staff & Operators.  However, temporary employees will be issued two aprons (no uniform), colour of the apron can be decided by unit.


Each Unit can have different Uniform, however, within the Unit colour code, pattern, brand must be common.


Every employee will be provided two pair of summer uniform every year consisting of trousers & shirts. All new joinees will be given three sets of Uniform & if Company changes the colour/ pattern also.

The cloth will be provided by the company and stitching charges up to Rs. 500/- for two sets of uniform will also be borne by the company.

SBU Head may decide whether the logo of the company should be available on the uniform including shirt, jacket, cap etc for identity.


On joining, new employees will get one Sweater & one Jacket or two Jackets as the case may be. After that employee will get one Sweater or one Jacket every year. There will be no deduction of difference between Jacket & Sweater from employees.

Operators working in the Maintenance, Power Coating, Press Shop Dept. shall also be provided one piece of Apron along with uniform, which they can wear on need basis as required.

It is expected that all the employees shall be wearing shoe preferably black.

The uniform shall be given to the above category of employees from the date of joining.

The summer uniform shall be issued by 01st April every year, winter uniform shall be issued by 01st October every year.

All employees shall come on duty in the above said uniform and it should be neat & clean.

HRM Department of the respective units as well as the Departmental Head shall be responsible to check and ensure about the wearing of uniform in each case.

The HRM Department of the concerned unit shall purchase the cloth and shall issue the same to employee.

No deduction to be made against Uniform, from employees who are leaving the Organisation.


uniform policy

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