Travelling Norms – Inland




To streamline travelling rules.


These rules shall be applicable to all the units of ________ Group.



For computation of daily allowance, days will be calculated on the

Following Basis :

5 – 7   hours              -        Half Day

8 – 24 hours              -        Full Day



To meet the boarding and lodging expenses, this allowance is provided to employees while on tour from their respective units.

Daily Allowance is a flat allowance when the employee makes his own arrangements for boarding and lodging and supports for expenses are not to be provided along with expense claim statement. Alternatively employees can stay in a paid accommodation (i.e. Hotel, Guest house, Rest house, Circuit house etc.) where the amount to be spent for boarding and lodging and amount to be allowable cannot exceed the specified amount mentioned against every category of employee at every location.


 Towns have been categorized on the basis of their respective cost of living.


The following explanations are being given for the purpose of understanding the rules in its true sense:

In case of local conveyance the complete details of travelling (i.e. indicating the names of places from—to) is to be furnished.

DA has been fixed during the journey period.

10% of DA can be claimed without any supporting document, at all levels, subject to a maximum of Rs.100/- per day but within the overall limits to cover the incidental charges like tips etc. Lodging & DA would be clubbed together for entitlements at all levels.

 No liquor will be permitted.

All miscellaneous expenses would have to be approved by Departmental Head on the basis of supporting provided or otherwise depending upon the circumstances.

Level I to III employees will get their expenses (i.e. DA) without   producing any documents / bills etc.

If the airfare is more than train fare at a maximum of 20%, HOD is authorized to sanction the same.

Domestic Air Travel:  Tickets should be booked in discounted fare.  Wherever full fare is paid, should be approved by SBU Head.

The ticket will be booked by the HRM department atleast 5 days in advance from the imprest allotted to individual employees for official trip. The ticket will be booked as per category of the employees or as asked by the concerned person who is going on tour but it should not exceed the limit.

The HRM department is responsible for booking the Air as well as the Train tickets.

The concerned official will hand over the air/train booking slip duly approved by competent authority to HRM department who in turn will make the payment to travel agent.

The Accounts department will make payment immediately as an imprest to the concerned person and adjust the same on submission of the travel expenses bills.

The Accounts department will make payment by cheque to the travel agency in respect of air booking.

In the event of any cancellation, not availing the ticket or any other reason the individual will immediately inform the Accounts department who shall raise a debit note to the travel agency and route it to the HRM department.

The amount for booking train tickets will be provided to the HRM department by the individual concerned. The bill in respect of train bookings will be handed over to the concerned person along with the ticket. The concerned person will claim the same along with his travel expenses.

IMPREST: When the employee concerned shall go on a tour, he will get an imprest, provided he has cleared all other earlier imprest taken for travel which is approved by his immediate superior

SUBMISSION OF BILLS: After returning from the tour, the employee concern must submit his claim within 4 days by filling a travel expense statement and all the supporting documents will be attached with the travel expense statement. Accounts department has to ensure that the settlement of bills /imprest is done before payment of his salary.

The following daily allowance has been fixed for traveling in the adjoining towns / cities viz. Faridabad, Ghaziabad, Gurgaon, etc. and beyond but return on same day and exceeding 6 hours journey, DA will be admissible without supporting document:


Level                                                    Amount

IV TO VI                                                Rs. 60/-

I  TO III                                                  Rs. 40/-


No Daily allowance to be claimed if this visit is to any of the _______ Unit.

Local Conveyance: The following rates per kilometer depending upon categories of vehicle, for local conveyance have been decided:

 Car                                     - Rs. 4.50/- per km. (Level V & VI)

 Scooter/ Motorcycle        - Rs. 2.25/- per km. (Level IV to VI)



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