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Separation Procedure




Any employee leaving the organization should address his letter of resignation in writing to the immediate Superior.

The terms of relieving would be concluded in the mutual interest of the employee and Company by the Head of the Department in consultation with the concerned superiors and forwarded to the SBU Head with the recommendations and conclude terms of release. The notice period for release shall be as follows:-


For Head & Above – 3 months, for Member & Leader – 1 month.  (15 days during probation period) and for operators – immediately.  The notice period shall be on either side.

Up to Div. Head Waiver off/short fall in notice period or payment in lieu of notice period can be accepted subject to approval of SBU Head.

HRM department should be informed immediately on receipt of any resignation from any employee. Upon such information HRM department should inform Accounts/ Stores to control imprest and material issued and also arrange Exit interview with the Corporate HRM as per the policy of he company. The payroll for the employee should be tagged and payment should be made along with final settlement. In case of employee is undergoing 3 month notice period salary may be paid first 2 months with accepting authority’s clearance.


The final clearance form should be floated by HRM department three days before with appropriate details through the employee for obtaining clearance from all concerned. Unit HRM will issue the acceptance of resignation.

The clearing functional heads should conclude dues and put remark “No Dues/ Dues” recoverable in clear monetary value with communication to the employee.

The employee should deposit the clearance form to HRM department after step given above. It would be done by HRM department, if the employee is not present and has requested release of his dues by post.

HRM department to work out relevant details and forward the form to Accounts on the last working day before noon session. Accounts department to compute preferably with witnesses present.

Separation should be dealt with very carefully. Any separation up to Member level should have SBU Head specific approval through Unit HRM. In case of Leader & above, Corp. Head’s specific approval is also required.



EL- Total days worked till close (for operator) and nearest month (for staff) (Rounded off nearest 15 days) subject to maximum encash limit as per Leave Policy. Basic of Staff means Basic only and for operator Basic means Basic + HRA.

GRATUITY- 15 / 26 X Last Drawn Basic X total years of service. This shall be for employees, who have completed minimum service of 5 full years on Company’s service only.

 Pro – rata LTA – Entitlement / 12 X Months Worked.

 Medical – Pro-rata entitlement rounded off to nearest Month – against bills received.


Notice pay - shall be payable/ recoverable as the case may be in accordance with the remark/conclusion of the relieving authority. The pay for this shall be treated as Basic Salary of an employee. The days payable /recoverable should be clarified by HRM department after verifying the personal file.

Bonus - Shall be paid along with the final settlement at 8.33 % to all operators and staff whosoever qualifies for Bonus as per Bonus Act.

Such of those employees (Office boys, Drivers, Sweepers, and Guards) who have been provided with uniforms should be asked to deposit their uniforms before clearance of dues to HRM department as per policy.

SUBMISSION OF IDENTITY CARD: Such of those employees, who have been issued an Identity Card should be asked to deposit their Identity Card before clearance of dues to HRM department.



In case of staff the payment has to be made through accounts payee cheque only.  In case of operators, preferred mode of payment should be accounts payee cheque only however if the operator does not have a bank account then a bearer cheque should be issued in his / her name.  Immediately after issuing the cheque to the operator, an employee from HRM / Accounts department should take the operator to the bank and get his / her payment & hand over to the operator. In case we have the slightest doubt about the operator intensions, in such cases the HRM department should get the final settlement of accounts in front of area inspector / Labour officer.

 SERVICE CERTIFICATE: The company will provide a service certificate to all the staff member along with their clearance.



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