Salary and Wage Distribution

Salary / Wage Distribution Policy



This procedure has been laid down to streamline the system of distribution of the salary/wages in the various Units.


This procedure is applicable to all the Units of the ___________ Group.


The following procedure is laid down for distributing the salary /wages.

All operators will get their wages by cash/ bank transfer on 1st of every month. Each operators has to write authorization letter to Company for the transfer of Wages in their bank account. The same letter will be filed in personal files of operators.

All staff will get their salary through bank transfer, where this facility is not available the process will be as follows.

All staff members, who are designated in level - IV & above, will get their salary by cheques and cheques will be issued to them on 01st of every month. The HRM Department will complete the salary / wages register by 27th of every month duly authenticated by HRM head and will hand over to Accounts Department on the same day so that Accounts Department can prepare the cheques in time.

All Employees will get their salary slips along with the salary / wages.

In case of holiday, weekly off on the above-mentioned date, the salary will be distributed a day before the date of holiday.



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