Recruitment – Temporary Operators



To stream line the procedure of recruitment of Temporary operators.


This policy is applicable to all the units of _____________ Group.


For filling the sanctioned vacancy of the operators in any unit, the operators may initially be kept on trial for a period of six months only. (Preferably operator should be appointed with reference of our existing employees)

During this period the operators should be judged in detail from all angles. All the records / formalities be completed for “Temporary Operators” as is being done for regular operators.

The applications for Temporary employment may be obtained in Hindi, preferably written by the concerned person. For temporary operators appointment letter for fixed term to be given.

These “Temporary Operators” will be entitled to EL / CL / SL as applicable to regular operators. i.e. EL - 15, CL - 7, SL (If no ESI) - 7.

During 06 months, their performance shall be judged for confirmation decision at the end of the 06 months. Salary for the Temporary operators will be finalized at the time of increments in the month of April every year.

These “Temporary Operators” will also be entitled to ESI & P.F. as applicable to regular employees.

Temporary Employees will be provided canteen/ bus facility as provided to   permanent employees.

Bonus will be given to temporary as per Bonus act.



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