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Medical Reimbursement

Medical Reimbursement Policy - A brief Introduction


To streamline the system of medical reimbursement


This policy is applicable to all the units of ___________ group


Level insightful qualification according to the pay structure, chosen by Corporate HRM every once in a while for the treatment of self and ward relation


Representatives can assert a therapeutic repayment either month to month, quarterly, ½ yearly or every year on accommodation of doctor's visit expenses. A qualified representative will need to present the hospital expenses.

An eligible employee shall have to submit the medical bills.

Representatives joining/leaving amid the month will be qualified for medicinal repayment on expert rata reason for the quantity of days worked in that specific month.

There will not be any deduction of medical entitlement on account of their remaining absent for a long period on account of sickness/illness.

If there should arise an occurrence of alteration in the ESI Act and should such profit associated with any of the above level, the above advantage will stand pulled back..

On the off chance that any worker gets elevated to the following level will be qualified for medicinal as appropriate to his/her new level from the date of advancement.



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