Late Sitting for Staff

staff late sitting policy

Late Sitting policy for staff 

Staff sitting late as overtime after closing office hours shall be served tea and snacks as per the following policy:

  1. Staff sitting late upto 06.30 p.m. will be entitled for only tea and no snacks will be served.
  2. Staff sitting late from 06.30 p.m. to 09.30 p.m., tea + snacks will be provided costing notmore than Rs.15 /-.
  3. Staff sitting beyond 09.30 p.m. shall get fixed meal allowance of Rs. 60/- for level IV to VII.
  4. Staff working late beyond 07.30 p.m. will likewise be qualified for real movement costs from office to living arrangement according to the Traveling norms,if organization transport isn't accessible.



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