Grievance Handling System & Procedures

grievance handling system policy and procedure

Grievance Handling System Policy and Procedure

Any representative having any grumbling/complaint ought to promptly contact his boss for its redressal.

It is the responsibility of the superior to listen to his complaint/ grievance and redress the same within 12 hours of the grievance.

If he is not able to redress his grievance and he wants to discuss the problem with his boss he may do so but whether it is possible to redress his complaint or not it must be imparted to the complainant as needs be inside 24 hrs.

Employees not satisfied from the reply of the superior can submit his complaint in writing to the Departmental Head through his superior.

The superior should forward his complaint with his comments to the Departmental Head for decision and the departmental head should redress the complaint within 5 days from its receipt. In the event that he so wants he may consider the concerned complainant and also his prevalent and convey his choice. If it is not possible for him to take a decision, he may discuss the matter with the SBU Head.

The complainant if not satisfied with the decision of the departmental head, he may approach the SBU Head within 10 days.

The SBU Head will make all possible efforts to redress the grievance of the applicant and if he so desires, he may discuss the complaint with the Corporate Head of the Corporate Office.

Any action being taken to redress the complaint or if there is any delay in redressing the grievance, the employee must be communicated through his immediate boss.

Employees not satisfied with his complaint may raise the issue in the Open House at the Unit Level and if still not satisfied, he may raise the issue to Corporate HRM.



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