Checking The Incidence Of Disloyalty

Checking The Incidence Of Disloyalty

Checking The Incidence Of Disloyalty To Company - HR policy

It is the prime responsibility of Departmental Head to constantly keep an eye on the activities of his department and people. Those departments, where cash purchases or dealing with outside parties is involved, regular audit/vigilance should be done by Head of Department to identify such employees who indulge into malpractices.

Company policy is very clear that any employee, whose integrity is doubtful, has to leave the company immediately.

Whenever such an action is taken, the information is to be shared openly with all employees. Depending on the gravity of the situation, SBU Head can take decision to put the information on the notice board. Certain cases where adequate supporting data is available, SBU Head can consider making a Police Case.

Since the consequences are extreme, Departmental Head must take utmost precaution on the charges levied. It should not be based on hearsay but should have adequate supporting information or data.

It may also be mentioned here that merely mis-appropriation of cash or seeking favour from supplier or theft etc. are not the only cases of disloyalty to organization. It also includes misuse of company property, giving wrong information intentionally, false TA/DA, conveyance claims etc.

It is again reiterated that prime responsibility of running the affairs of the Department is with the Departmental Head. On case to case basis SBU Head, may nominate a senior person to go into the details and where it is concluded that Department Head was also negligent – this will go in his personal file also.



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