Attendance Procedure – Staff



To streamline and regulate the attendance of all the employees in the company.


This policy is applicable to all the units of _________ Group.


Attendance for all categories of staff irrespective of level would be through a formal procedure in the Muster Roll Register or card punching system, as applicable. All employees are expected to sign this Muster Roll Register/ Punch card before reaching their work place in the morning while entering the office itself.


Employees reporting after 9 am (or other designated time) shall make an entry in a Late Coming Register at the gate mentioning therein the time and date of their arrival and should initial against their names.

This register shall be made available by the security to any staff entering the company after the morning bell is rung.

At the end of the month while preparing the Pay Roll, the HRM Department shall reconcile data from this register.

Employees coming after 9.00 a.m. (or other designated time) will also sign in the attendance register.

In case units are having punching card system, late coming record will automatically be available in system.  Hence employees coming late need not sign in the late coming register.

Late comings four times in a month up to the maximum of ½ (half) an hour is permitted. Any late coming beyond four times in a month will be treated as absence for which ½ day leave will be deducted if due, otherwise salary will be deducted. This norm is only a guideline and does not entitle a staff member to have a right to come late.

It is the responsibility of the staff to have their attendance complete to earn salary for that month.


Any employee going on official duty outside shall get permission from his immediate superior mentioning the dates on which he will be out and get it authorized by his sanctioning authority and submit to HRM Department for attendance purpose.

Persons going on duty to local places shall write on the movement board displayed in front of the  Receptionist so as to keep the Receptionist updated about where about of the outgoing employee. HRM Department can check for his record purpose, the same date from the register the morning. However, persons proceeding on duty during the course of day after having entered on the board will also sign on the employee outgoing register with details.

Employees proceeding on duty within city will try to reach their places of work back if the work is completed before the close of working hours and this opportunity should not be converted for reducing working hours.

As and when the employee comes back to the office, it is his responsibility to fill up time of returning in the Employee Out Going register as well as to wipe off his name from the movement board before proceeding to his work place.

Employee going out during the working hours for whatever purpose is also required to complete his particulars in the Employee Out Going Register lying with the security at the gate.

Making an entry on the board or in the Employee Out Going Register does not substitute for the required practice of keeping the immediate superior informed before leaving the work place.

The employee should give OD  (for going out for official job/out of station duty/or on duty to other units for whole day) slip to the HRM Department on prescribed format on the previous working day duly signed by his/her immediate superior.

If, due to some reason, the employee is not able to give OD slip on previous day he should give OD slip duly approved immediately, when he reports on duty.

Employees, who are out for whole day for official work, need not sign in the Muster Roll / need not punch their card.

The HRM Department shall mark with red ink as (/) if the employee does not report for duty up to 9.30 am and no OD / Leave application duly sanctioned has been received. The concerned employee whosoever is on leave (Casual Leave/Sick Leave/Earn Leave/OD) shall get his / her leave / OD slip, whichever is applicable, sanctioned and submit the same on the very next day or before processing payroll, otherwise he / she will be marked absent.

If an employee has reported on duty and does not get his leave / OD Slip sanctioned either very next or before processing of payroll for that month, shall be marked absent.

It is expected that all kinds of leaves should have a prior approval in writing from the appropriate authorities.

It is the responsibility of the employee to get his leave sanctioned from the authorized person and submits the same to HRM Department.

The HRM Department shall treat all absence from duty unless authorized leave / OD slip is obtained within time frame as mentioned above.


Employees can go up to two hours for each occasion up to 2 times in a month any time during the day after getting due sanction from his immediate superior. This is not an entitlement or right to take short leaves every month.



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