Attendance Procedure – Operators



To streamline the system of attendance of operators


This policy is applicable to all the units of the _________ group.


Attendance for operators will be maintained through the Attendance Cards/ Punching card system.

Each operator will be allotted the attendance/ Punch card.

In case of attendance card system, there shall be two attendance card boards on which “IN” and “OUT” will be painted. These card boards should be fixed near the security gate.

Each Operator shall be allotted separate pouch duly numbered where these cards shall have to be placed.

While entering the factory in the morning before the start of the work i.e. 9.00 a.m. (or other designated time) each operator is required to pick up his card from the “OUT BOARD” and place it in the “IN BOARD” after making an initial in the respective column of attendance card. Likewise, while going out of the plant at the close of the work, the operator is required to place his/her card in the “OUT BOARD” and while doing so he/she should also check whether his/her attendance for the day worked has been marked by the HRM Department  in the respective column of the attendance card.

At 5.30 p.m. (or other designated time), the HRM Department should mark “P” in the both columns of the cards lying in the BOARD, if operator is present. He should also mark present in the Muster Roll of the operators.

The Security Guard will circle the date in the Attendance card with red color ink for those operators entering the premises after 9.00 am (or other designated time) and there after shall give it to the operator to place it in the “IN BOARD”.

It is also the responsibility of the Security Guard to check that as and when the fourth occasion of such late comings in a month arises to refuse entry for such operators who are late at the fourth occasion and thereafter.

It is also the responsibility of the HRM Department to ensure that the Security Guard is following this system strictly. No operator shall be allowed to enter the premises who so ever is late after 30 minutes.

At 9.30 a.m. the Security Guard will lock all card board and allow only the HRM Department to collect the cards from the board for making attendance and keeping the cards back.

Operator coming in the night shift shall, however, adopt the same procedure while entering the unit but at the time of exit they will give their cards to the Security Guard and will not place it on the OUT BOARD.

As mentioned above, HRM Department shall mark the attendance of the concerned operator in the card as well as in the Muster Roll on the same day after counter checking the work allotment register maintained at the shop floor.

The HRM Department shall initial the work allotment register on daily basis and put the date on the bottom of the attendance register. Any discrepancy identified during this process should be highlighted on the same day to the Production In-charge as well as security man and corrective action be taken. Likewise he would mark the attendance card for night shift purpose in the similar process.

It is the responsibility of the HRM Department that they should make all possible efforts and encourages the operator to sort out the queries raised by the operator on account of any discrepancy in the attendance.

It is also the responsibility of the HRM Department to have surprise check that the attendance is initialed by the concerned operator and not by proxy.

It is the responsibility of the HRM Department that while preparing the Pay    Roll, they will reconcile the data of the attendance card and the muster roll at the end of the month.

In case units are having punching card system all employees are required to punch their card.  The same procedure as of staff attendance i.e. explained in the Policy No. 09 will be followed.


Employees can go up to two hours for each occasion up to 2 times in a month any time during the day after getting due sanction from his immediate superior. This is not an entitlement or right to take short leaves every month.


Any operator going out on duty is required to get his Gate Pass   approved by getting the signature on the same from the authorized signatory.



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