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What is motivation for improving employee engagement? ?

Amit Singh , 04 Sep 2018
1 Answers

Employee Engagement Activities  that can boost employee team work 

  • Have team photos
  • Have themed office days based on festival 
  • Get answers from your employees as well as suggestions ,feedback
  • Celebrate people Birthdays, promotions, retirements, newcomers welcoming
  • Celebrate  organsation achievements
  • Recognize and encourage innovation
  • Motivate employees creativity
  • Remind people your company’s mission and values 
  • Raise salaries,bonus
  • Raise Role , responsiblities
  • Make sure that people have all the resources they need to make work process smooth
  • Build long-term engagement by long term objective 
  • Encourage personal ideas from employees 
  • Buddy/mentor for every newcomer
  • Implement incentive programs
  • Fun activities like games, plays,competition,recognisation boost teamwork

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