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Is the HR need to be friendly or effective ? ?

Sanjay , 29 Oct 2018
4 Answers

yes. Some work profiles  are  very challenging ,role od Hr deals with varies areas, they have to respond employess ,upper management , coworkers , clients , outsourceing team, housekeeping  and further so on.Hr need to be friendly as well as effective as per need of situation .

According to Me : Hr should be effective than to be friendly with employees Role of Hr is multi -diagonal which an person need to be fulfilled by balancing  all aspect like effective performance as well as organisation competitiveness .

Jobs like docter , lawers , contracters  in which person need to professtional rather than to be friendly in nature . 

Personal relationship sometimes come as psychomateric barrier while evolution on work performance 

It is Hr responsiblity to create healty work environment  so that everyone can  work effectively 

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