Is the HR need to be friendly or effective ? ?

Sanjay , 29 Oct 2018
8 Answers

The HR needs to carry a proper ratio of being friendly and being effective at the same time. Usually, over-friendliness may reduce the effectiveness an HR should have and strictness may establish the communication barrier between the employee and the HR. Hence, carrying a balance between both characters is essential.

Yes, HR needs to be friendly and effective. The behaviour of HR with other employees really impact the organisation' s environment. The employees usually interact with HR and they expect HR will listen to their opinions. HR needs to make every decision very carefully that will be in favour of employees as well as organisations.

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I agree with Jerry, sometime being friendly with team /employees make all to be in very healthy environment which make effect work along with other employees as they result comes in a very casual attitude. So you certainly need to be friendly but in some parameters along with being professional in all aspects.

yes. Some work profiles  are  very challenging ,role od Hr deals with varies areas, they have to respond employess ,upper management , coworkers , clients , outsourceing team, housekeeping  and further so on.Hr need to be friendly as well as effective as per need of situation .

According to Me : Hr should be effective than to be friendly with employees Role of Hr is multi -diagonal which an person need to be fulfilled by balancing  all aspect like effective performance as well as organisation competitiveness .

Jobs like docter , lawers , contracters  in which person need to professtional rather than to be friendly in nature . 

Personal relationship sometimes come as psychomateric barrier while evolution on work performance 

It is Hr responsiblity to create healty work environment  so that everyone can  work effectively 

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