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How leadership style impact Business strategy?

Rajesh gupta 31 Oct, 2018, 18:20:PM


debora Answered, 30 May 2019

Leaders have a vital role in motivating and inspiring the initiatives of individual and improving business environment procedures to win with benefits for the organization An effective leader also impacts the subordinates in a required way to accomplish wanted objectives and visions. All businesses have dealing with multiple complex contexts and rabidly changes in every dimension and they are requested to adapt with these changes. Leaders should also adopt traits of development process such as looking for a consensus between the business goals, his followers, and subordinates and may be the environment. Growingly, the employed leadership styles have a significant influence on business’s management. Surely, in the effective and robust marketplace of business, leaders have to be able to stand up the instability and highly competition emerging from consequences of globalization


Marilou Answered, 29 May 2019

Leadership style affects both the business strategy and the employees executing such strategies. It can eventually make or break your business. It serves as the golden bridge to a company's overall success. A sound and well-thought strategy won't reach its desired goal if the leader fails to connect with its employees in carrying out a plan. Of course, it's not a one size fits all approach and it's important for leaders to be flexible and intelligent enough to make some changes. Every situation needs a certain type of leadership style. Regardless of leadership style, a good leader must be transparent and knows how to empower employees. Empowering employees means giving your team members permission to take action and make decisions within your organization. It also means there are trust and understanding in place to ensure these actions are in line with company goals. While many companies may grow ground-up from the hard work and dedication of one or two entrepreneurs, true growth is the product of multiple people working together. To help you get started on empowering your employees, integrating an employee engagement app is a great add-on! This way you can keep your people in the loop, keep them informed on the latest news and work updates even when they're not at their work desk. Gone are the days of emails on sending memos. Is that even possible? YES, it's accessible on their mobile phone! Build better relationships within your organization without emptying your pocket. Packed with great features like built-in courses, direct messaging, rewards and recognition system and many more! Truly, with Ezzely, you can work beyond the workplace. Want to try Ezzely for your business? Connect with us today at


Rachel Stinson Answered, 24 May 2019

A right leadership style analyzing the genre of task /goal or other factors if not adapted may lead to the failure of strategy.The faults and flaws in leading style while planning for a strategic decision or while following it will surely result into minimum positive results. Different studies to examine the relationship between leadership ,strategy and organizational performance revealed that: Transformational style of leading and cost leader ship adds to the performance of employees,it brings the best out of your employees and influences organizational behavior resulting in positive growth and performance of the organization. Whereas, Transactional style of leading,differentiation and focused strategy didnot bring out the above mentioned results. Therefore,its very important to analyze the situation and opt for the right leading style smartly to make your strategy for the purpose a success.


Tmt Aba Answered, 17 Apr 2019

A leader is the one who pushes the employees or team members along with them while the boss tells the employee or team members to push him to reach the top. A leadership may connect on a behavior basis and bring out the best in an individual. However, clean observation will be required.


BenSteven Answered, 25 Mar 2019

A leader defines how his team members are going to perform to implement a business strategy. The way team leaders are leading their members can impact how they approach an objective. For example- If an individual's leadership style doesn't include monitoring employees' work, then he won't be able to make the right decision at the right time. On the other side, a leader who gives feedback to employees and monitors their performance can help implement a strategy in the right way. It is a big reason many companies use cognitive ability tests to check if they are hiring the right individuals to handle leadership responsibilities to implement strategies.

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