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How does bad customer relationship management can impact organisation Profit?

Rajesh gupta 31 Oct, 2018, 18:24:PM


Rachel Stinson Answered, 24 May 2019

Bad customer relationship management is not at all tolerable .It brings toxic side effects for your enterprise.It results in bad reputation ruining your business.You may lose the clients attracted towards you because of your other positive things just because someone told them about your poor customer service and management or because they themselves faced it.They will not be returning towards you at any cost afterwards, and recommending everyone to choose an alternative rather than opting your business..............Poor customer relationship management brings you : 1) LOST SALES 2)DISSATISFIED CUSTOMERS 3)INCREASED COMPETITION 4)UNDISCIPLINED SALES AGENTS...........AND all this ultimately badly impacts organization's profit . So businesses really need to strengthen their entire customer relationship management department including the fix of issues found in the system or software, they are using for the purpose


BenSteven Answered, 23 Mar 2019

Customer relationship management, or CRM, is an important part of an organisation to overcome poor marketing. On the other side, bad CRM cannot help improve marketing. Bad CRM can result in a damaged reputation, dropped value, and a decrease in revenue. Poor handling of client requests also results in bad CRM. On the other side, good CRM can help retain a customer for a long time. In addition, it also serves as a tool to attract more potential customers and turn them into loyal clients. In this case, a company doesn't need to spend a huge amount on marketing and improve its reputation. A company can improve its customer support services with a customer service recruitment test. It helps to identify whether or not an individual is capable of handling and resolving client queries.


debora Answered, 07 Feb 2019

CRM helps companies manage their business relationships and informational systems CRM affects your business: CRM system is so valuable for business because it is highly focused around people and relationships. Example: Consider an accountant who constantly use the CRM system. The accountant will rely heavily on the system to communicate with associates. If the CRM system is faulty this could lead to causing a halt in productivity and also critical to uphold a high level of data integrity.


Sanjay Kumar Answered, 30 Nov -0001

CRM(customer Relationship management) is one the important and among top priority of comapnies . their are several points which are in support of the statement.
CRM Improved ability to target profitable customers helps in crossselling , integrated offerings across channels and improved sales force efficiency and effectiveness.
There is mutual relationship department of sales, supporters and marketing like this shape and this figure illustrate customer relationship management are contact sales are and center call and marketing.
CRM were reduce direct cost of marketing,
IF Customer will  be happy from company service then he/she can bought more business for company 
In other hand if company have Bad CRM then delay , unhappy customers , decrease in sales . can be seen vise versa

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