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How do you introduce yourself to HR at an interview? ?

Amit Singh , 03 Sep 2018
1 Answers

At the time of interview  the first and Best question  would be "Tell me about yourself "  that is best interview question in recruitment process . The answer of this question decides the  tone of overall interview process. You can  do best  in this section of interview  by taking care of some small things.

  • Give a brief of your education background (up to12th  is fine, your family and location, any of your hobbies etc.
  • Mention one of your major achievements, if it fits the circumstance and interview profile .
  • Keep the answer upto about 3-4 sentences and not more than of  that.
  • Be careful about  explain your strengths & weakness at this points (as that will definitely come along).
  • A common mistake seen is most HR interview is to start the sentence like “I am basically from...” No need to start a sentence like that.
  • Keep the answer simple, to the point and give space and time for further questions. Do not stretch it too much.

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