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Transfer Letter

How to write a Transfer Letter for Job, School and Bank Account Transfer Letter.  Learn from Format with Examples

Letter of transfer states that company is transferring the concern employee to some other branch of the same company.

They can transfer the employee to the same city and country or maybe they can transfer to some other city and company depending upon the requirements.

Letter of transfer is to notify the employee that they are being transferred to the other branch.

Find below some Example, Sample and format of writing Letter of transfer :


Letter of Transfer


                                                                                                           Date: _________


Name of the employee

Designation ______________




This has reference to the discussion we had with you regarding your move to _________ as __________. The move will be powerful _________ and your administrations in this task will be esteemed to be constant, with no break.


With effect from 1st January 2004, you are transferred on a continuous service basis from to (Organization Name__________) Oil Ltd.


We affirm that, you would be esteemed to have been in persistent administration with (Organization Name) Oil Ltd.


Benefit leave and other statutory advantages delighted in by you would keep on accrueing to you considering the date of your joining XYZ Pvt. Ltd. 

If it's not too much trouble restore the copy duplicate of this letter appropriately marked by you, as a token of your acknowledgment.


We wish you all the best for your future assignments.


Yours Faithfully,

XYZ Pvt. Ltd.




We have pleasure in confirming the above arrangement. You will continue to be governed by (Organization Name) Staff Regulations in force.



Yours Faithfully,

For (Organization Name) OIL LTD












Transfer Order / Office Order




On exigencies of work and administrative reasons, Mr. __________, _________ (EMP No: __________) is hereby transferred and posted to work at ____________Unit, _____________with immediate effect. He is directed to Report to General Manager, _____________ immediately.


Accordingly, General Manager, _______will relieve him.




(Through General Manager, _________)




Emp. No: ________,


Cc. 1. General Manager, _______________

2. Accts. Department, HO, ___________





Job Transfer Letter



                                                                                                           Date: _________




Name of the employee

Designation ______________


Subject: Job Transfer


Dear _____________,


I am writing you this letter to inform you that you will be transferred to a new job position which will give you a different responsibility.


This is in line with our reorganization so that we can maximize our production. You will be now reporting to the Marketing team as a marketing staff and this will be effective (date) ___________.


Everything remains the same as to compensation and benefits and we assure you that your respective managers will be with you in case you need some help on your new job. Please see me at my office anytime today for us to discuss on some important matters.


I hope that you will continue to perform excellently in this new challenge. We will always be here to assist you should you have concerns or any questions regarding this matter please contact us or any of the managers.


I am looking forward to seeing you working in that new department.




Best Regards,


Authorized Person´s Name

Human Resource Manager

Organization Name





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