Relieving Order Letter issued by the concerned authority or organisation means “Allowing to go”

A relieving order letter is a formal letter which is issued to an employee at the time of leaving an organization. This letter conveys in a formal way that the employee has left the organization and his or her resignation is accepted. A relieving letter is required when the employee has to join a new organization. In the relieving letter candidate’s job role and current salary should be clearly mentioned also it should be mentioned that the employee has settled all the dues with the organization.

When and how to use the relieving letter?

The relieving letter is issued to an employee by the organization on the last working day upon receipt of resignation letter from the employee. This document has to be printed on the letterhead of the company and signed by the authorized authority may be HR manager or department head. The HR manager issues a relieving letter to the employee after the resignation of the employee has been accepted.

Find below Relieving Order Letter Format and Sample Template for example and better understanding :








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Relieving Letter Format


About:  Here in this Sample Format an employee who is designated as Assistant Manager – Chemist has resigned from the post. The company is issuing a Relieving letter to the employee saying your resignation has been accepted and his account has been settled with the company. This letter should be written on company letter head and given to the employee so that he/she can join the new organization. The Sample Format below should be considered as an example only.




Employee name_______________

Employee Code / No.___________

Current Designation:___________

Residential Address:____________

Subject: Relieving Order Letter

Dear (Employee Name)

With reference to your resignation letter dated __________ from the post of “Assistant Manager-Chemist”.

This is to inform you that your resignation has been accepted by the management and also got Clearance Report from the Concerned Department with your full and final settlement of  your accounts with our company. 

Therefore, we do hereby relieving you from all your services with our organization with effect from (Mention the last date of Employment).

We thank you for your association our company and we wish you a successful future ahead.


Your Sincerely,

For (Company Name )



Name of the Manager with Designation



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Relieving Order Format

Sample Template


Date: _________


Mr. /Ms. _______________

Designation ____________

This letter is written to certify that the resignation of Mr. /Ms has been accepted by the management which will effect from closing of office on _________ (DATE). Accordingly Mr. /Miss. _____________will, henceforth, not eligible for any benefits of employment at Boutique De Emerald India Limited

However, he/she has to pay all the dues and submit the clearance form to the human resources department before the close of office hours on ___________ (DATE).









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Relieving Letter

Sample Template


Date: _________


Name: Mr. /Ms. __________




We are writing this letter to inform you that we accept your resignation given on ______________ (date) expressing your intention to resign from the Company. This was placed before the senior management of our company which has decided to accept the same.

We place in our records your dedicated services and hard work for the company.

Your last date of service would be date __________, and you would accordingly be relieved, effective from the close of working hours on the same day, you need to clear all your dues and submit the clearance certificate.

We thank you for your services to our company and we wish you all the best for your future.


Best Regards,


Name of the Manager





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Relieving Letter

Sample Letter


Date: _________


Mr. /Ms. ______________

Designation ____________


Subject: Letter of relieving

Dear Mr. / Mrs.

Ref.: 1. Your resignation letter-dated

          2. This Office letter dated

As intimated to you vide our letter 2nd cited above, you are hereby relieved on ___________________AN. We wish you all success in your future endeavors.


Thanking You,


Yours Faithfully,

For GFDH Limited,


Manager (P&A)

Cc. 1. Vice President (F)

2. Sr. Manager (Purchase)

3. Accounts Dept.



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