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Rejection Letter

How to write a rejection letter or email for offer after interview.  Find letter format for sample example :


Rejection letter is the letter which informs of the fact that you are rejected, especially one which imparts that you are not accepted for a job.

You will receive this letter once you give your interview and are awaiting for the result. It is a good idea for a company to have a practice of sending  out these types of letters because

a) it delivers some altruism between the rejected candidate and the organization if another activity comes up, the rejected candidate will probably apply if in earlier circumstances, he/she had been approached with deference by the organization 

b) by building up a dismissal method and record, the organization might have the capacity to shield itself from a few claims by the rejected candidates.

Find below various sample template attached also in doc and pdf format for example which will help learning  how to write rejection email or letter after interview:


Download Free PDF/DOC


Candidate Rejection Letter after Interview
Sample Letter format for example


                                                                                              Dated _________


Dear (Name of the Candidate)


I regret to inform you that your recent application for the position ______________ at _________ (Name of the company) was unsuccessful.


Although you met all of the mandatory minimum qualifications for the position, the Interview Board chose a candidate with considerably more experience than you currently possess and also whose skill set matches closely with the current profile we are looking at _______. I am here to convey thanks for your candidacy.


On behalf of ____________(Company name) I thank you for your interest and effort, and I wish you all the best in your future career endeavors.










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