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Reference Check Letter

 How To Write Reference Check Letter ?

A Reference Check Letter is provided for an employee by the previous employer on request of the employee’s current employer.

This letter contains the records of the candidate’s employment, job profile, erformance, salary and other required information.

This kind of letter can also be provided by people who are familiar with their work and character and have positive remark on them. A reference letter can be employment related, personal or it can depict the character of the individual.

Employee request a reference letter for variety of reason which include both personal and employment need. It is more general in nature.

Find below some Example, Sample and format of writing Reference Check Letter :


Reference Check Letter


                                                                                                          Dated _________


Strictly Confidential

Name of the company/referred person

Designation ____________________

Address _______________________





We are in discussion with Mr. Ms. _____________ and we are evaluating his suitability for placement in our organization as ___________.

In the course of his meetings with us, he suggested that we could seek employment reference from you considering that he has worked in your organization between _________ and __________.


We have a form to facilitate easy capturing of your information. We, therefore, request you to fill the same and return it to us in the self-addressed envelope.


We assure you of holding the information provided by you in strict confidence. Should you prefer to give this information over phone instead of filling it, you can contact Mr.____________ on telephone no. __________.

Thanking You,



Best Regards,

Name of the Manager






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