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Dismissal Order

Learn How to write Dismissal order

Dismissal Order is done from legal point of view. This kind of order is generally issued to any contractor or to any other party to end the business deal, due some offensive reasons, which may include violation of contract issues.

Usage of Dismissal Order

When a supplier fails to provide the services according to his promises or according to the contract then the organization can write a dismissal letter to the supplier by cancelling all the services from the supplier legally.

Find below some Example, Sample and format of writing Dismissal Order :

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                                                           Dismissal Order Regd Post


Mr. XYZ,

                                                          Date: ___/___/___

Mr. XYZ,
EMP No. ______________
Designation ____________
Department ____________
Organization Name ______
Address _______________
Pin code _______________

1. Charge Sheet dated ___________ issued to you.
2. Your explanation dated ________ to the above charge sheet.
3. The enquiry report dated _________.
4. II Show Cause Notice dated _______.
5. Your explanation dated ___________ to the II Show Cause Notice.


This letter is written to you to recall that a Charge sheet was issued to you for the misconducts under clause (a),(b),(c),(d)  on date ________ As you have disputed the misconducts through your explanation dated ________, a Domestic enquiry was ordered and held, keeping in view of the Principles of Natural Justice. Inspite of service of notice on you, for the reasons best known to you, you did not choose to attend the enquiry, leaving no option to the Enquiry Officer to hold an ex-parte enquiry.

The Enquiry officer after examining the evidences has submitted the report holding you guilty for the misconducts under clause 20 (a), (b), (c) and (d) of XYZ Model Standing Orders.

The Management has examined the report of the Enquiry Officer and after completely satisfied with the report a Second Show-Cause-Notice was issued to you. The answer you gave for your second Show-cause-notice came up with imaginary allegations. After examination of your reply we found that the same is neither convincing nor satisfactory.

You have mentioned in your reply that you are a protected workman. But it is not true. Under Rule 63 of the A P Industrial Disputes Rules, the status of protected workman can be claimed only when an application is made by the Union and when the employer by positive action recognizes and grants in writing the status of Protected Workman to the Office Bearers of the Union.

Recognition of such status will arise only when employer in writing grants status not otherwise.
As you have mentioned in your explanation that you have not received the enquiry notice, which is not correct. Enquiry Officer has sent a Telegram on dated ________ informing you the time and date of enquiry with the venue as well, besides sending a letter by Courier.


It is also not a fact that the management has promised before the Collector that you would be taken back into survive. In fact the Management promised to examine the matter.

Therefore, you cannot say that the Principles of Natural Justice are violated.

The Management has also taken into consideration of your record. Therefore there are no adverse remarks, but because of the misconducts established in the enquiry, you are terminated with immediate effect.


For ALN Limited,
General Manager








                                                                 Order Of Dismissal


                                                                                                                               Date: _________



Mr. / Ms.______________

We have received the report from the enquiry officer against you consequent to the charge sheet ________ (DATE). In the wake of experiencing the procedures of the enquiry, we find that the charges have been demonstrated against you.

Since the charge (s) committed by you is/are of serious nature, the appropriate punishment is dismissal from service. You are therefore; hereby dismissed from service with effect from ____________ you can collect your dues, if any, and settle your account on any working day during the office hours from Accounts Department.


Authorized person with designation

Cc: 1. The Accounts Dept. for information if necessary action.



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