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Announcement Letter

Announcement Letter - how to write a public service announcement with examples

Mean of Announcement 

Announcement! A bell, a drum and a man with a loud voice, called a town crier, shouting “Hear Ye Hear Ye”, that was all it took to make announcements in the good old days.

Objective of Announcement

Today making announcements about various events take place through the print and electronic media. Among the more popular ways of making announcements include, posting it in newspapers or on websites, sending out a collective email, issuing an audio-visual message and so on. A well articulated and engaging announcement can attract and engage the attention of your target audience and can make the event, program or occasion more successful.

There are different types of announcements and different ways of making those announcements. Here we will see the different uses and different ways of writing an announcement letter and announcement emails.There are personal announcements, made by an individual or public announcements made by an organization or by a government.

Personal announcement

This include information about a birthday, marriage or death. It could be an announcement of a name change or information about a change of address. When forming personal announcements remember to give only those details that are relevant to the event; be brief and clear.

Public Service announcement

It include those made by companies or by government bodies. Government bodies often hold press conferences if they want to make a major a public service announcements and later publish it in some form of print or electronic medium. For example, in the event of a natural disaster the government will issue an announcement, warning about impending danger and information about safety measures. The government may also issue any announcement about the launch of a new scheme to create public awareness about its work. (Check out our event announcement sample given below to get a better idea…)

Business or Corporate Announcement

In the corporate world companies make announcements about new jobs, new product launches, profit or loss assessments, corporate events and much more! Company Announcement letters, or email announcements, are directed toward new clients, employees or business partners depending on the nature of the announcement. Given below are some examples of email announcements made by a company for different reasons.

New Job Vacancy Announcement

A company will send out a job vacancy announcement to prospective candidates who may suit the job profile. If a company has plans to expand its business or introduce a new business model, they will send out a new business announcement to their clients, investors and business partners. As a gesture of hospitality, a company may sometimes make an announcement to welcome a new employee to the organization. Company announcements help to keep employees, clients and investors updated on the latest news regarding the company and let them know of new services launched or future plans.

How to make an announcement?

Even though there are all kinds of announcements that can be made, there are basic structural standards to keep in mind when writing an announcement letter. Whether you're announcing a job opening, new schemes or programs, changes in policy or anything else, your announcement letter should be to the point, informative, and clear. If you are announcing bad news, make a direct, factual statement. Your tone should be understanding, considerate and tempered with optimism.

As you will see from the declaration letter tests gave, even declarations showing a negative issue can be verbalized so as to think about well an organization. A well-worded announcement can demonstrate a sincere desire to maintain a personal or business relationship, and can help to build confidence, boost morale, and facilitate goodwill.

Find below various Announcement Letter or Email for along with Sample Template in ready to use model in word and PDF format :

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Business Announcement Letter

Sample Template



Name of the Person
Address __________
Email ID __________
Contact No.________


Name of the Person
Address ____________

Subject: Business Announcement Letter


Dear .

I would like to inform you all that from today onwards you all will be having a new attendance record keeper which we call as biometrics. This machine can keep attendance record of 10,000 people and will keep record of incoming and outgoing of employees. This machine has been designed to reduce the load of HR department.


Some of the salient features of this software includes Keeping track of the attendance record, Using access card for recording the incoming and outgoing timing of employees, Maintaining the leave status, joining date, Salary earned and other details; and printing the salary slips of all employees.


Person can get all the details with a single click on his PC. It not only reduces the manual labor but also saves a lot of time. We have tried our software on two companies and results are encouraging. We request you to try our software and give us feedback.


I am enclosing the product brochure for your information along with this letter. I will ask my marketing team to arrange a presentation and demonstration as per your available time.

Looking forward for your positive reply.


Yours Truly,


Name of the Person
Organization Name




Announcement for Discount offering

Announcement Template



                                    Date :_________ 
Name of the Person
Address ___________
Dear All, 
It is a great pleasure to announce to you that we are making a 30% special discount in all orders of raw materials from the month of August to September. We have avoided raising the prices as possible. Any orders starting this month to the end of September will be honeyed for lower prices.
This is to inform you that, in a limited period of time, we are still reducing all the items in our catalog. You can take advantage of these prices. If you are willing to order bulk orders, heavy shipment, please do not hesitate to inform us and we will try to help you as we can mutually be in acceptable terms and conditions.
Constantly, we will continue to serve our clients with the same quality and devotion that you expect from us.
Thank you in advance.
Sincerely yours,


New Job Vacancy Announcement Letter

Sample template



Name of the Person


Address ____________

Subject: New job announcement

Dear Madam / Sir __________.
This letter is written to inform you that there is a position vacant for marketing manager in our company. Your agency has been cooperating with us during the last two years and we already employed 5 people that you found and recommended to us. Please, see below the requirements necessary for applying to this position:
Person´s Specification / Job Specifications
Bachelor/MBA Degree in Marketing
Minimum 3 years experience in a similar position
Excellent communication skills
The knowledge of foreign language is preferable
High sense of responsibility
The job includes the following responsibilities:
Lead marketing department
Achieve targets of the company
Must be good in motivating people
Once the competitors will meet the previously mentioned prerequisites and concur with the duties, benevolently approach you to get in touch with us for orchestrating the meeting. Please, note that the position will be open until the dated _________.
I would like to thank you again for the services provided and hope we will hire the excellent candidate with your support.
Name of the Person
Organization Name
Address ____________


Job Announcement example



Email Subject Line:  New Job Announcement


Dear All,




XYZ Ltd strives to create a working environment which encourages variety, change and offers leadership opportunities to all employees. I am pleased to announce one such new job opportunity available. Recent plans of expansion into the commercial sales industry means that we now wish to hire highly skilled and experienced Customer Care Executive.

Customer relations representatives provide telephone and on-line assistance to users of our products. Duties include:


  • handling telephone inquiries
  • maintain client relations
  • answering on-line questions


The new positions require a BA (or higher) Degree and a minimum of three years experience in the customer relations industry. Any questions regarding these positions will be answered by our Human Resources Department, the contact details are given below. Qualified persons who wish to be considered for this position must send in their application, including an updated CV, to the email address provided below by the 17th of December 2017.


Thanking you,


Best Regards,




Contact Details



 New Employee Announcement Email

Sample Template


Email Subject: Welcome New Employee Announcement


Hello fellow ABC Company Employees,




The ABC Organization is pleased to welcome a new partner, Michael Cane, to the board of directors of the company. Mr. Cane grew up here in Delhi but has spent the last eight years working in the field of education and social services in Paris. His commitment to education, especially of the poor, has won him accolades the world over.


He will be Head of the Department of Social Development and Social Welfare at ABC Organization, working closely with the government for the upliftment of the poor in our country. We are honored to have him with us and are happy he has decided to return to his home country and bring his valuable experience to our office.


We wish him a long and prosperous future at our organization!


Thank you,




Company Name.


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